Milan Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2020

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The Italians know very well that light gowns, fitted designs and sandals with art-like inserts are definitely beautiful, but a woman needs both a romantic and a comfortable outfit to wear every day. Therefore, Milan fashion week was correlated with modern realities: chic sports, eccentric prints, feminine dresses and some surprises by designers. In our traditional collection we have gathered ten of the most representative and most relevant trends, which next year will flood the streets of all fashion capitals.

Milan fashion week spring-summer 2020

Prints mix

In the best traditions of eclecticism, designers give us not just a shade of color: an animal print, lighted neon and floral design will look great in one image. For Versace, such a wild mix of patterns is not unusual, but in the new season, even more conservative brands aim to experiment with prints, and we have no objection!

Milan Fashion Week spring-summer 2020 prints

Inserted pockets

Unlike their colleagues in London, designers in Milan are putting big pockets not only on their trousers but also on any clothing items in general. In the Alberta Ferretti collection, skirt pockets live their life and go beyond the mini skirt, and Karl Lagerfeld in the Fendi collection decorates a PVC coat with leather pockets.

Milan fashion trends spring-summer 2020

Short yoga pants

Short fitted pants have won this fashion show: those who have closed their eyes to this look in the spring and summer of 2019 and have ironically declared that they will no longer be present, in the new season they will have to accept and even try to include them in your wardrobe. To make it not only a part of an athlete’s image, this pattern can be combined with other styles of clothing, for example, a classic male jacket or a short siphon dress.

Fashion short yoga pants 2020


The thin and long gloves, made of transparent net, lurex or nylon, are ideal in a duet with a 50s and 60s feminine dress and are modern in combination with classic suits, leather coats or base coats.


Micro bags

With every season, accessories become more and more distinct: either extremely large or grotesque deliberately, or on the contrary, have a minimal size, where it can hardly place a cell phone. This bag design can be worn in tandem with a basic bag, even different in color and texture: each accessory has its own function.

 Milan fashion week bags spring summer 2020

Stockings and tights

Nylon stockings fans can jump up joyfully because they will be fashionable again in the new season. Moreover, if you were previously thinking that you are in the trend if pair of socks or stockings are discreetly slipping out of shoes, it now does not work: Prada, for example, combines black nylon tights with open sandals.


Layered dresses

Without romanticism, it’s impossible to imagine an Italian fashion week: even during the most violent struggles between femininity, masculinity and sporting styles, the stylish styles the designer duff Stefano and Gabbana usually present remain equally relevant. Multi-layered gowns are a tribute to the Victorian era. However, in modern interpretation, the length is steadily increasing, and sneakers and sport shoes have been successful in such female models.

Milan dresses spring summer 2020

Wind jackets

With no outer clothing, even in the warmest regions, the summer cabinet is hard to imagine. Therefore, as a logical continuation of hysterical hockey and bulging hysteria, fasteners fall into the list of current trends. Thin and lightweight windproof vests combine perfectly with sportswear, pleated skirts and holster.



Cotton and thick flax, natural color palette and pockets are the main components of the image of a dessert savannah. In the following season, designers feature a safari-style wardrobe in separate components: the most relevant are khaki, green clay and shades of sand on basic clothes – bulky jackets, bib and jackets.

Safari style Milan fashion week spring summer 2020

Bermuda pants

Short bermuda pants appear and disappear from the fashion world with periodicity. It’s hard to give up forever: Universal bermudas, combined with a lightweight oversize jacket or turtleneck, can be worn easily in the office, and then you can replace the top with a top or a basic jersey and go to an informal meeting.