Men’s sweaters Fall 2015 Winter 2016

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The cold season is the time when despite the abundance of clothing, which accounts to be worn so as not to freeze, you can stay stylish and bright. The sweater is the most versatile and necessary thing in the fall and winter wardrobe.

Fall – Winter 2015-2015 seasons provides an opportunity to look memorable not only to women, but also men. Designers prepared very bold decisions in the color shade and the highlight of the show was the material from which were made ​​fashion sweater for men’s collections.


Trendy style

There is no chance to experiment with the style of men sweaters. Mid length and the standard sleeve are moments designers try to not forget. This season we have to mention the trend of wearing sweaters in sport style, such as the ones from Calvin Clein.


The collar shape is a detail that undergoes constant modifications. In fall 2015 winter 2016 in trend are sweaters with high neck, crew neck, “below neck” and V-shape collar. Also, arenotedmodelswithsidesnaps having the shape of buttons or zippers.


Trendy color

The color palette of men’s sweaters is not the brightest, but if you want to stand out, an orange sweater can help you with this. It is this tone burst at once in several men’s collections. The white color will give the look freshness and will help “shed” a couple of years.


For more modest and restrained stronger half of humanity, designers recommend deep shades sweaters. Olive and moss greenare very relevant this year.


Black, orange and grey color models with look actual with trousers, creating a warm classic office outfit.



Sweaters with stripes, rhombus and other geometric figures were always associated with men’s fashion and collections for Fall-Winter 2015-2015 couldn’t take that into consideration.


Trendy material

Coarse knitted woolen sweaters are a trend of the season. A man in such clothes will look not only stylish but also very brave and of course will feel comfortable and warm.


No less popular are sweaters from thin jersey that are good for a pant suit and can be worn on top of a shirt. By the way, such sweaters can be now worn tucked into pants.


Male sweaters made of fur and mohair is a smart solution for stylish men.


You may want to ask: How unusual may be a men’s sweater? But looking at autumn-winter season collections you realize that the imagination of designers is limitless.

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