Men’s Shirt and Tie Color Combination

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Some men prove to have different tastes when it comes to matching a tie with a shirt. You do not believe it? Take a look at your coworkers. Office life imposes to choose boring combinations that make daily routine even more exhausting.

The artistic approach of matching a tie with a shirt will allow you to assert yourself even at the workplace. Take care as this task can fail. Therefore, any man should know how to match a tie with a suit and a shirt.

How to match a tie with a pink shirt

Shirt and Tie Color Combinations

Let’s start with the color palette, more precisely with the chromatic circle. It is easy to use it even for the novice in order to learn what the most successful color combinations in the fashion world are. After this system, the colors are divided into: primary (red, yellow and blue), secondary (created by combining the primary colors) and complementary (created by combining a primary color and a secondary color).


If you wonder how to match a tie and a shirt by color, then take as a base the opposite shades. Thus, a blue shirt and burgundy tie (a variety of red color) in combination with a dark blue suit is considered a classic of a style.

Complementary colors are hard to combine in one set; therefore, such a combination is too contrasting to our eyes. But here there is a solution using shades. Thus, a blue shirt will look ideal in combination with a brown-orange tie, and not one in orange hue.

How to choose a tie in a store?

There are a few rules that can help even those who are unsure of their tastes. First, we recommend you to opt for mate instead of glossy fabrics. Secondly, the texture looks more interesting than the print.


Before choosing a tie to a suit, remember that the thickness of the tie must be as close to the width of suit’s lapels. If you thought how correctly match a tie with my shirt, then you must not forget the rule that says to not wear a tie with an unbuttoned shirt.

Tie and white shirt

Do you like white shirts? Then your tie should be very expressive and here we speak of contrasting prints, bright colors, small and medium stripes, plaid. Cotton can be matched with silk.

What tie to wear with a white shirt

What tie color to wear with a blue and pink shirts

Tie with a blue shirt

Here we have some options:

  • light blue tie with an evident texture (even knitted)
  • brown-orange
  • mustard, burgundy, reddish brown and other shades of red and yellow, colors opposite to the blue shade
  • cold dark green

Tie with light pink shirt

The fashion on light pink shirts comes from the Mediterranean. This was quickly approached by those who prefer to wear suits in light shades in summer. To complete such a set, we recommend ties in the following shades:

  • burgundy, purple and other dark shades of the base color
  • unusual shades of green that will help you stand out from the crowd
  • warm shades of blue

matching ties with shirts by color

How to match a tie with a striped shirt

A striped shirt must be matched with a tie chosen with a particular attention to not have a too hard look. An ideal choice would be “blocks”, but beware that the thickness of the stripes must be different. In addition, small stripes at the bottom imply wider stripes above and vice versa. For this, not only the thickness may be different, but the direction of the stripes, too.

If we talk about other prints, then striped shirts can be matched with ties in polka dots, paisley and geometric shape.

How to match a tie with a striped shirt

How to match a tie with plaid shirts

“Yes, yes, we know, a plaid shirt and a tie” works “like the one in stripes” will tell you and you are absolutely right. But not 100%. If the print of the tie can be absolutely different if matched with a striped shirt, then plaid requires a more bold print, otherwise, your accessory will be simply lost in the background of the suit.

The color of the tie matched with a plaid shirt must be chosen by the same rules. A universal option is darker shade (eg dark blue with blue plaid, or beige with dark brown). A striped or a tie with polka dots will also look very nice. More intricate motifs will be extra.

What tie to wear with a plaid shirt

Now it is much clearer how to match a tie with a shirt. We will also add that only a part of this pair can be monochromatic. According to Italian designers, a simple white shirt matched with a simple black tie are clothes that can be worn at a funeral.

And of course everything gets better with practice. It will pass a certain period of time and you will stop thinking how to match a tie with a the shirt, the image of which you see for the first time.

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