Makeup for hazel eyes

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It is not new that hazel eyes are the most attractive, mysterious and temperamental. The lucky ones that nature has endowed with hazel eyes usually are very sensual and romantic people. You will need very little to draw attention to the natural beauty of your eyes, just a makeup done correctly. In this article you will learn how to do a makeup for hazel eyes.



Eye makeup for hazel eyes

Step by step makeup for hazel eyes

Any makeup starts by applying a professional makeup base. Those girls, who do not pay attention to this step, are very wrong. It is very important to understand that all the beauty, mystery and deepness of hazel eyes can only be accentuated with a smooth and radiant complexion. The make up base smoothes the skin tone and prepares it for all the actions that follow. The next step will be to apply a suitable face foundation and then a powder. The face foundation layer must be very thin, it should not give the impression that you are wearing a mask. The foundation is recommended to be applied n the skin with fingers by slight movements and only on facial massage lines. How qualitative and beautiful makeup will be finally obtained depends on the surface that will later be applied to cosmetics. The makeup is applied uniformly only on areas with fewer bumps, roughness and defects. If your eyes are a little swollen, be sure to purchase special cream that removes swelling of the eyelids. If the eyes have pigmented spots or freckles, then it necessarily to use a concealer. In addition, apply a thin layer of makeup base as well as on the eyelids to smooth and moisturize the surface. Now, you can go to the next step, the eye makeup.

Makeup for hazel eyes step by step

Eyeshadows for hazel eyes

Brown eyes can have different color intensity. Only considering this, you can choose suitable eyeshadows for various events. Pencils and eyeshadows in shades of brown will enhance the beauty of light hazel eyes. In this case, avoid too bold colors. Dark eueshadows should be applied on the mobile eyelid, while the neutral and lighter shades – on the lower eyelid. Specialists like to blend those using delicate eyeshadws in shades of emerald and golden warm tones.

Light hazel eyes makeup

For honey-colored eyes, the appropriate eyeshadows are considered those in the shade of champagne, which are often used in combination with light purple range. To give the eye depth, you can use a bronze colored pencil. But you must not forget that all existing shades of light brown eyes, do not look good if to apply a black pencil, so when performing a makeup, replace it with a brown pencil.

Make-up for honey-colored eyes

Fine and delicate shade of hazel eyes can be accentuated with green, bronze, and all shades of purple eyeshadows. If we talk about metallic colors, then here we can list also the bronze colors, though we have to avoid pencils and eyeshadows in these shades as this will look very unnatural.

Shades of eyeshadows for hazel eyes makeup

Fashionistas who have dark brown eyes, can accentuate their beauty with delicate and intense purple shades, as well as green and brown. In this case, you can confidently apply a black pencil, but only in combination with dark eyeshadows.

Makeup for dark brown eyes

Choosing the best eyeshadows for makeup for hazel eyes, you must take into account also the hair color. For example, if women with brown eyes and light colored hair can choose beige, deep pink, warm shades of sand and all existing shades of green, then brunettes can opt for bold shades of gold, delicate purple, silver as well as black and fuchsia.

Makeup for brown eyes and light colored hair

Best makeup for hazel eyes and brown hair

Remember, if you are a beautiful girl with hazel eyes, then you may not use eyeshadows in shades of terracotta and orange, which will hide all the beauty and mystery of your eyes.

Eyeshadows for hazel eyes: pics


Eye makeup for hazel eyes













Mascara and eyeliner for hazel eyes

The eyeliner is an indispensable product if you want to create a fashionable makeup in arabic style. It is important to note that the eyeliner must be applied on the upper eyelid, close to lashes and if to right emphasize the lower eyelid, the line should be done very thin. To turn into a beautiful Oriental woman, in the outer corners of the eyes, the line will be thickened. This way, we give them a mystery, and visually enlarge the hazel eyes.

The perfect eyeliner color will be chosen taking into consideration the eyeshadow color palette. A makeup in shades of pink looks nice with purple eyeliner, while brown with purple. When creating a makeup, use all shades of eyeliner, but the best option was and will be the black color.

Mascara for hazel eyes

The eye makeup is never complete without properly applying mascara. Often. possessors of brown eyes have healthy, long and dense lashes, so they do not have to use mascara that gives volume. You will not need any of mascaras that visually lengthen the lashes. If this is not about you, you can use false eyelashes. Optimal mascara color in this case will be black. To add volume and visually lengthen them, before application, give them a little powder. With the same purpose, use mascaras which perfectly lengthen and give volume to the lashes.

Eyeliner for hazel eyes

How to do eye makeup for hazel eyes


Eye makeup for hazel eyes mascara




You can get a very good result also if you experience with your ordinary image. Thus, you can use colored mascara, for example in shades of turquoise, blue and even green.

Turquoise mascara for eye makeup hazel eyes

Blue and even green mascara

Hazel eyes makeup: step by step execution in images

Step by step1

Smokey eye makeup for hazel eyes

Step by step3

The eye makeup for hazel eyes can be natural and nearly invisible, as well as attractive and sensual. Importantly is that the shades of cosmetic products used were in harmony with the natural color of the eyes, and also corresponded to the event you are going to attend, the style of clothing you will wear, and of course your mood.

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