How to look slender with the help of clothes?

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Look slender

Many have heard the fact that with the help of properly selected clothing, you can adjust the body shape, but not all have an idea how to exactly do that. Today, we will try to help you and offer several options of “right” clothes.

Choosing the model

So, in order to look slimmer you can wear a pencil skirt. Such a cut will help visually lengthen the legs, the main thing is to not overdo it, and choose a model that moderately tight body, not with a smaller size.

Choosing model

Another option of hiding the extra inches is the wrap dress. The true is that not always such an item can be worn, because it is spring-summer the season of wearing it. The advantage of the wrap dress is the possibility of focusing on the winning side (i.e. the bust) and hiding, for example, a not quite slender waist or hips. The length of the product should be medium – up to the knees or 1-2 palms below.

How to clothes

The most common mistake of plump women is buying clothes having a large size. You must understand that you need to wear clothes suitable for your body, otherwise you will not only show the problem areas, but also visually make yourself bigger.

Particularities of the cut

If you have slightly gained weight, you can afford dresses with plunging neckline. This style of blouses and dresses are not necessary to be worn in the office, but instead are very good solutions for a party. And if in your case the neckline is not winning, focus on something else. Even an open back will be ok for you.

Help clothes

Choosing the fabric

The extra pounds are worth to hide not only with the correct style of clothing, but also with the correctly chosen material. Give preference to natural fabrics such as cotton, denim, silk. Set aside the synthetic fibers that have the properties to fit the shape and flaunt all the unnecessary parts, and do the same with cashmere knits. These textures can also give you volume.

Choosing fabric

Choosing the color

The color-blocking trend, which is very relevant past few seasons, can be considered a boon for those who are complex because of their extra pounds. Clothes with vertically arranged geometric shapes visually lengthen the silhouette. Considered to be particularly suitable for this print dresses with T-silhouette and A-silhouette.

Choosing color

Choosing the footwear

Do not neglect this part of the image, like the footwear. Especially classic court shoes with a sharp toe should be your companion, and not rough shoes or boots with a square toe.

Choosing footwear

Choosing accessories

In the presence of extra pounds, properly chosen accessories are another opportunity to look slender. Long necklaces will help lengthen the silhouette, big earrings will distract the attention from the problem of the bust while massive bracelets will make your graceful wrist a business card.

Choosing accessories

Clothes of course, will only correct the shape, but with the help of a dress much it is less probable you will be able to lose weight. Do not overeat, go on a diet at the first sign of obesity and do not forget about sport. Only a combination of good nutrition and an active lifestyle will help forget about the problems with the figure.