London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2020

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After New York, London took over the fashion relay. As a rule, the British are renowned for unlimited fantasy, power experience and avant-garde in women’s modern wardrobe, but in the new season they have prepared something interesting not only for the extravagant but also for the conservative adherents in the clothing. Here are ten most important trends, according to British designers, which will be described in detail below.

London fashion week spring summer 2020


Transparent dramatic veils, which had an enormous popularity in the 1940s, suffer this year’s spectacular revival, and along with them lace and tulle, which return to a new absolute interpretation. Now the epoch accessory is not considered an integral part of the mourning image of a widow or a bride: decorated with flower petals, feathers and stones, light veils are now combined with classic suits, as in the Erdem presentation and the Victorian gowns from the Simone Rocha collection.

The style of the 40’s at London Fashion Week


It’s hard to imagine the disco era without shining sequins on the entire surface of the outfit, but in the new season, designers urge us to put our fantasy in motion but in a whole different direction. Gowns and skirts, embellished with shining sequins, are the perfect dress of a modern siren who likes to spend more time on the ground than in the water.

Dresses with sequins


Against the backdrop of the popularity of mini patterns and lingerie style, the bustier pattern returns triumphant on the stage. Carved corsets, evening dresses with brace, and a combination of a bra like Burberry – lingerie style transformation from London designers will surely attract the most uninhibited ladies.

London Fashion Week trends spring summer 2020


From the autumn 2019 collections, the cape moved to the podium of the new season. However, if in the warm season, the sleeve cutouts have decorated coats and trenches, now also the jackets and light shirts are on the wave.


Deep neckline

Contrary to the stereotype, the deepest necklines will best show the owners of modest shapes, but you can even consider them if you are not part of this category. Long sleeve mini dresses, neckline combinations, stones and transparent mesh decorations, or classical waist designs decorated with sequins are our ideal partners for a cocktail party.

Dresses with deep neckline

Waist blazers

It is difficult to imagine modern and contemporary wardrobes without classic suits with sculpted blazers – power dressing and the unusual feminine wave are really felt. In the following season, the exaggeratedly large square-shaped blazers give way to equally bulky designs, but this time with options that have a very high shoulder line.


Short sleeved shirts

Despite the variety of hot trends, the daily closet must often be adapted to the canons of a work dress code. For those who will spend most of the summer and spring season in the office, designers have offered democratic choices of volumetric blouses and shirts with short sleeves.

office style LFW spring summer 2020

Frankenstein clothing style

Dr Victor Frankenstein’s medical technology from Mary Shelley inspires designers and is not the first season when he does, but now they have created a real trend. In spring-summer collections, contrasting spots and prints, cut in two parts and sewn again, have come to replace the boring patches of the previous seasons.


Trapeze dresses

The once forgotten silhouette is presented in the new season in abundance. The laconic midi dresses, such as those of Simone Rocha or ultra mini patterns in combination with a giant bow such as the one from Richard Quinn, are beautiful and have a simplicity that will conquer you first.
trapeze dress design

Photographic prints

British designers once again create fantasies about the communication between fashion and art, presenting festive dresses and shirts that illustrate sculptures. Abstract artwork, tapestries, landscapes and portraits in the spring and summer adorn everyday fashion items with simple cut or evening dresses similar to art objects that deserve to become the center of an important opening day.

London Fashion Week spring summer 2020 print