What’s your energy type?

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Agree that each of us periodically thinks that everything is fine, your life has been established and everything runs smoothly and on its course. But suddenly happens a slight glitch, and reminders come fast in our mind saying: “You didn’t manage to do that!” or “You will never be able to do that!” Of course, we are not robots, but it is so nice to do everything perfect, to enjoy the result, instead of looking for answers attending psychological trainings or blaming the horoscope for all bad things happening to us.

Well, they say that it is very important to know your own energy type and according to it, to try to make your life more comfortable. More precisely, by finding it, you will be able to qualitatively manage your time making this way each day more harmonious and stable, experiencing only positive emotions.

Woman energy type

Let’s see what is your energy type and our advices will help finding the optimal decision.

1st energy type “Serious lady”

Cold bloodedness and discipline are your best assistants. You know exactly what you want and your potential is enough to fulfill the set goals. Your maximum concentration replaces the passion and dreams. But when tiredness and “boiling point” come, everything goes down, starting with the mood and ending with the creativity.

CONCLUSION: The reason is simple: all you think about is the tasks you have to perform, forgetting everything relating to your soul. Moreover, your designed and approved plans simply do not allow an element of spontaneity

ADVICE: You just have to allow yourself to open up and accept in your life all that can replenish your energy reserves – do not refuse yourself beautiful small things, hiking and walking in junction with nature. At least one hour a day, pay attention to your soul, then your analytical talents will be balanced by sensory perceptions.

Serious lady energy type

2nd energy type “Naughty girl”

Your strength and energy are always on the rise. You are convinced that you will easily cope with any task. You are always open and ready to help everyone, doing that immediately. You will simply one hour more a day, to take on even more tasks.

CONCLUSION: The confidence in your inexhaustible potential does not give you the possibility to realize that sometimes, your kindness is simply abused by others.

ADVICE: Immediately start thinking on you and concentrate only on your personal needs. Analyze your actions, probably you did not notice you can’t say “No” anymore. No more time for others, YOU are all that matter.

Naughty girl energy type

3rd Energy type “Young lady in search”

Plans and promises are not about you. You strongly believe in sudden life changes, when all you achieved ruins in one second. Inspiration and creativity are easily taking you up. For some reason, you allow the daily routine to lead you. And sometimes you don’t even understand you can do it better – draw, sing, make business or handcraft.

CONCLUSION: The problem is you are full of ideas trying to achieve them all at ones.

ADVICE: Write “notes” with your plans and tasks and arrange them by importance level, most important being first. This way you will unconsciously set the priorities. And in order to not to spend in vain your forces perform one task at a time, deliberately abandoning others, even the important ones.

Energy type young lady in search

As a conclusion, we want to say some simple and necessary words – listen more often to your soul. By felling really happy you will make happy all close people around you.

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