What To Think About When Everything Goes Wrong

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Each of us has sometimes experienced a wave of despair. Each of us got into a situation where everything was bad. Everything. You simply give up, you do not want anything, everything around seem gray and there is no green light at the end of the tunnel. All is hopelessness. Sounds familiar? We all know that. And, you know, it’s going to end one day. Especially if you remember these 7 things.

When everything goes wrong

Pain is part of our life

Emotional pain is actually not much different from the physical. In a metaphorical sense. Physical pain is a signal  that something is wrong with the body and it is necessary to take urgent measures. But you do not think about the pain if you are healthy, right? But in fact, the pain makes you draw back the hand from a hot cup, you also change the position of the body because you’re hurt. You just do not keep track. Same thing is with the pain of the soul. If something happens, then this is a trauma, an acute condition and it must be overcome, you have to recover. But if you’re bad, you think that you are suffering from anything – it is also a signal. Something is wrong with your mental body, you just have to put yourself in a more comfortable position.

Everything passes

That’s the right time to remember about the Legend of The Seal of Solomon. According to tradition, on the outer side of the ring were engraved the words “Everything passes.” But one day, the king looked at the ring, was not satisfied, and finally lost his temper. He tore the ring and only then noticed the inscription on the inner side, “And this too shall pass.” This parable – a perfect assistant for all occasions. Anything goes. And this too shall pass.

You are not alone

You have close people around. Friends, relatives, boyfriend – it doesn’t matter who, it matters that you have someone in any situation. And if you think they’ll not understand you (or if they are the reason for your concern), then on earth there are other 7 billion bipeds, without feathers. And certainly, among them you’ll find someone who will support you. Nothing prevent you to create an anonymous account in the network and talk about your problem with those who understand you.

Everything will pass, but the experience will remain

We have good news for you: it will never be worse , because the worst has already happened. Just imagine: you do not recognize yourself in the mirror, you get ugly in a few days, although recently you were a beauty. Your loved ones suddenly turned into monsters, your house – to a prison, your friends turned their backs on you and you became an outcast. And, of course, no one likes you. Generally no one. And will never love you. Better to die, oh. Scary? But you survived it, when you were 12-16 years old. The crisis of adolescence – the worst period in the life of any person. All other crises are easier to survive. Not least because they are not the first. And with each new crisis, you gain more experience. A priceless one.

Half of the problem is an illusion

Only few can keep a cool head in a crisis situation. And you are not an exception. It is important to realize that the longer you are in a state of “all is bad”, the more you cheat yourself. Imagine that further would be worse, how will you live with a load of unsolved problems? Calmness, only calmness! Negative thinking takes the few scarce resources you still have. Accept the fact that some of the problems you imagined yourself, and it is the natural course of things.All you have to do is to get rid of illusions in time. The eyes of fear see danger everywhere.

You can escape from problems

Or leave – depending on what the problem is. Time really heals, these are not empty words. But time goes slowly, is not it? You think you’ll never get anywhere in this state, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s because you’re not going anywhere. We suggest an experiment: try not to do anything at least 10 minutes. Stand in the middle of the room and do not do anything – do not look out the window, do not hum a favorite song, do not think about what to do at night. Just stand. Unbearable, right? Time has disappeared. A second lasts forever. The same thing happens when you expect that everything bad is about to end. The best thing you can do is to step forward. The more you move – in all senses, the faster your internal time goes, and the sooner the problem is left behind.

Everything’s gonna be allright

This is true. There is no other way. Sooner or later, one way or another, everything will be allright.

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