Twitter launched a new video app

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Twitter launched a new app, Periscope as an alternative to the rapidly gaining popularity Meerkat, where you can watch a live video broadcast.

Periscope allows you to review the video recording, displaying it in a directory with the location where they were taken. In order to register, you need to have a twitter account, through which you can preview the broadcast and look for someone to subscribe.

Twitter new application

In Meerkat, you can only comment on someone else’s broadcast using the account, while in Periscope, they’ve created the concept of “Hearts”: it is possible, for example, to double-tap the screen and send a heart Like both to the creator of the video, as well as to everyone who watches it. You can do that as many times as you want.

The application for iPhone is already available for free in the App Store. In the future, Periscope plans to release a version for Android. You can view the broadcast and out of the application, through a browser.

Conclusion: Periscope – an immense, endless Like.

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