The owner of the most beautiful bum was chosen in Brasil

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There are so many beauty contests in the world! Thus, in Brasil was chosen the owner of best bum. The contest lasted four months and had as participants more than 500 girls from the whole country!

The contest called Miss BumBum was held in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. This is the fifth contest. Every year, hundreds of girls compete for the title of owner of most beautiful buttocks . This year there were over 500 contestants, but only 15 beauties reached the final.

Brasil MIss Bum Bum 2015

They had to prove that their behinds are all natural and that they did not do any plastic surgery. The use of drugs to change the shape of the buttocks was also not allowed.

Miss BumBum 2015 fifth contest

Owner of the most beautiful bum

The first place was taken by Suzy Cortez from the Federal District of Brasilia. “I’ve always wanted to win this contest. I dedicated myself completely. I dieted and did rigorous training”- quoted the girl Daily Mail.

By the way, some of the contestants admitted that insured their buttocks.

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