Scientists found out how often we have to make sex in order to be happy

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Many of us are convinced that: the happiest a couple is, the more often they make sex. But does science think about that? Canadian psychologists have analyzed data from surveys of 30 thousand people gathered in 40 years, and the results surprised us! It turns out that happy couples have sex only once a week.

Psychologists have published a work in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Journal. They have analyzed only questionnaires of heterosexual couples. It turned out that most of them are happy having sex once a week. More frequent lovemaking are rarely associated with a successful family life.

How often we have to make sex

Researchers noted they did not find a relationship between the income of couples and the frequency of sex. Age also does not matter.

“Our results are the same for men and women, young and old, and couples married a few years or decades,”considers the lead researcher Amy Muse, University of Toronto-Mississauga.

Researchers also noted that in the community there is a stereotype saying that men make sex more often, but with age, this necessity is diminishing. The results of the research have shown that there is no connection between age, gender and sex.

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