How to Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

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Did you notice that after talking with your best friend you feel like a sucked orange? More probably, this girl is classified among “energy vampires”, who literally eat others energy. We will tell you how to protect yourself from such people.

The quality of life of each people depends not only on how we sleep, are we eating healthy products or not, or if we are practicing sports. No less important is the fine, absolutely invisible to the naked eye energy. It circulates, it is consumed and replenished. As soon as the process fails, on the surface immediately appear health problems, failure in love, work and business. The reasons for these failures are many, but the main is the impact of energy vampires. How to proceed?

Energy vampires how to protect

How to understand if the best friend is an energy vampire

An energy vampire is a person who forcedly takes the energy. The conversation partner next to him is becoming a donor without knowing it. Some literally note them from the first minute, but what about ordinary people, who do not have psychic abilities? Several signs will help identify them.

  • So, you should think about the feasibility of friendship with your friend if:
  • when you are talking with her, you have the feeling as if someone is trying to forcibly instill completely extraneous thoughts;
  • when you meet with her, you have a sense of tension, vulnerability;
  • during a discussion, there is a growing anger, a desire to finish it as soon as possible;
  • after the discussion you feel tired, sick and “broken”.

Experts divide energy vampires to several categories: “the blamer”, “the drama queen”, “the crying sister”, “the forever unhappy” and “the constant talker”. We will not stop on separate characteristics as it is already everything clear. It is enough to pay attention to the particularities of your friend’s behavior in order to understand everything. Is she always complaining of having a sad life, without undertaking any action to address the situation? You can have no doubts she is from energy vampires “clan”.

How to protect yourself from negative effects

There are a lot of reasons for which we can not stop communicating with a particular person, especially if it is a best friend. How to minimize the negative impact in this case?

By understanding the reason

If a best friend is dissatisfied with her work, with her partner, of how she looks (and the list can continue), but she doesn’t do anything to address the situation, her only salvation is to make suffer not only herself, but also others. Constantly talking about her problems, she is not only passing on her problems to other shoulders, but also attracts the extra attention she needs so much.

By distracting yourself from the interlocutor

When talking with your friend you are overwhelmed by negative emotions? By learning to control them, you can minimize the negative impact of energy vampires.

By smiling, keeping away from your soul

As soon as the bosom friend switches from everyday topic at her favorite discussion, smile and don’t say anything. The absolute neutrality does not give the possibility of energy vampires to “pour out” the entire negative on the interlocutor. Polite ignoring will discourage the desire to seek further meetings with the “dolt”.

By starting the discussion about something good

Try to apply the tactic called “Would you mind talking about something good?” It is particularly useful if you have to listen for the umpteenth time that for your friend “all men are bad”, “it does not make any sense going to the gym, because all men are bad”, “why spend money on clothes and makeup, if all men are bad”. As soon as the story will be about something positive, the energy vampire will immediately lose his interest in the conversation.

By thinking about something good

Whatever the energy vampire says – think to yourself: “I love you”, “thank you” and other life-affirming settings. Once the interlocutor will not be able to feed with negative emotions, he will go home.

By forgetting about feeling guilty

When listening to your friend’s complaints about how bad she feels, it is not difficult to start feeling guilty. “She feels so bad, while I feel wonderful. That’s embarrassing a little”, thinking this way, each energy vampire can receive a real gift. All he waits are negative feelings and tears!

By setting your mind on a positive “wave”

The more positive feelings you will have, the less damage the energy vampire can do.

Can you benefit from communicating with an energy vampire?

Believe it or not, sometimes it is useful to communicate with an energy vampire. His action can be compared with the action of a leech, doctors apply to help the body cope with diseases. But such “treatment” is dangerous, that is why experts recommend to not using it all alone.

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