How to get rid of mental and physical tiredness

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If the energy is used up, the body needs help. We have gathered the simplest and efficient way to recover.

Is this mental tiredness?

Yes, if one of the below is about you:

  • You are not interested in your future.
  • Your apartment or desktop look shabby.
  • You can’t see out no movie.

Most likely your internal energy is running out. Normally, it lasts for 15 hours of activity. For example, if you wake up at 8, then you’ll be really tired no earlier than by 11 pm. If this is not the case, and you can hardly focus on anything even during the day, think about where you actually spare your mental resources. On usual activities, we spent no more than 30% of the daily volume of psychic powers, the remaining 70% are eaten by bad thoughts and bad mood. Change that!

Mental and physical tiredness

Step 1. Clear your mind from unnecessary things

This will release the inner energy.

  • Take a piece of paper and divide it into 2 columns: “What I am worried about?” and “How to cope with that?”
  • In the first column, write down all the activities, unfulfilled promises, and even the names of people, because of whom you can not relax.
  • In the second column, list all the actions that will help solve the issue. Indicate the terms, exact steps and the answer to the question: “What do I have to know in order to do that?”

Step 2. Free up the space

Follow these rules within a month.

  • Once a day, throw out something from the bag, wardrobe or from the table.
  •  Go for a walk instead of eating something when you are nervous.
  •  Go to bed before midnight. The quality of an hour of sleep at this time is worth two.
  •  Three minutes a day say thank you, two minutes – listen to the silence, one minute – breathe deeply.
  •  Five minutes per hour draw aside petty affairs, ten minutes – rest, and the remaining time – work.
  • Talk to close people at least 15 minutes a day on topics important to them.

Step 3. Change your way of thinking

With proper attitude, you can receive between 0.5 and 2 hours of extra energy. Before pronouncing life-affirming phrases, think what have caused the negative. Focus on the “here and now” and understand that experience is just a memory.

Is this physical tiredness?

Yes, if one of the below is about you:

  • Yawning overcomes even during lunch.
  • You become annoyed by smells and loud noises.
  • You sleep like a log and sometimes you don’t hear the alarm.

It’s more likely that your body lacks physical resources. Even if your attention is not scattered and you have crystal-clear thoughts, you simply don’t have energy to materialize all the ideas. Healthy eating, movement and quality sleep – these are the three factors that directly affect our vivacity, if we neglect at least one of them a week, the body will quickly give ground. Make sure that in the diet are included fats, proteins and carbohydrates and in the daily routine you had time for adequate exercises. But what else can be done…

Step 1. Check if you are not very active.

Tick the point you agree with

  • I run, swim or ride a bike more than 45 minutes twice a week.
  • In those days, when I practicing sports, I go to bed earlier than usual.
  • Without cardio exercises, training seems inadequate.
  • After each session I simply flake out.

If you ticked three or more points … It looks like you have an adrenal tiredness. During the activity, the adrenal glands produce as much of this hormone that at rest the body is experiencing a breakage. How to fix that? Break workout into segments: 20 minutes – running, 2 minutes – walk, running again. Once a week do resistance exercises, such as with expander and stretching. Walk more on foot.

Most of the items are not about you? You do not move enough. Train at least 30 minutes, 2 times a week.

Step 2. Take away the physical clips

Relax what is stressful.

  • Lie down comfortably where you are in that moment. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Follow with your mind the whole body and feel where is the tension accumulated.
  • Now try to take them away easily with a massage or visualization: Imagine that the muscles relax. Try to do this exercise at least once a day.

Step 3. Meditate

Here’s a three minutes method, which can be performed even at work.

  • Imagine a golden ball of light in your chest. It is getting brighter and brighter and it is radiating heat.
  • Send the shining ball in flight over the body so that it nourish the tired place with energy.
  • Expand the supposed source of energy from the body. Let this be your protection.

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