Google will open a new office in California

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Google announced its plans to build a new office in Mountain View, California.

The architectural project was drafted by the founder of BIG bureau, Bjarke Ingels and the creator of Heatherwick Studio, Thomas Heatherwick. The new buildings will redevelop the four sites, where the company already has facilities, as well as the development of new areas in the city.

Google new office in California

Google will not build a solid concrete building, but light and mobile structures, that can be tuned according to the current projects.

The basis will be big translucent canopies, which will lay on each site. Under them will be regulated the micro-climate, as well as a café, retail outlets, bike paths, trees and landscape design objects. A part of the energy for the buildings will be provided from renewable sources.

The reconstruction of the first territory is planned to be finished in the first quarter of 2020.

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