After mastectomy, a girl made a tattoo in place of the nipples

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The 25-year-old Nikki Black from Los Angeles defeated breast cancer and with her example shows that you can live a full life, even after a mastectomy (the breast removal preserving the pectoralis major muscle)

Doctors diagnosed Nikki tumor two years ago. According to Black, she felt depressed and was totally shocked, because in her family, none of the women had breast cancer. Doctors have appointed mastectomy. The girl was not only upset, but also panic about how her body will look like.

Nikki Black breast cancer

“When you have breast cancer, you don’t feel like you own your body anymore. I lost my breasts, I lost my sensibility, I no longer had the nipples and every day I had to experience pain. I also started having complexes on my sexual appearance. The boys have asked me what breast size I will have following mastectomy, and joked that I look like a porn star after recovery. After all the procedures I decided to get a tattoo in the place of where my nipple were and this way to stop embarrass myself. ‘I wanted to feel like I owned my body again,” Nikki said.

Tattoo in place of the nipples after mastectomy

After such decision, Nikki contacted a tattoo artist, who specialized in body art for breast cancer survivors.

Nikki Black tattoo in place of the nipples

“I almost cried when I saw the result. I felt beautiful. Tattoos are a therapy. People like them, and I like them, too, “- admitted Nikki.

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