5 Situations That Could Harm Your Career

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You can’t think at work only about the task you have to complete – you are not a robot and therefore, nothing human is alien to you. We collected the most common situations that may spoil the attitude of the boss to you.

Harm your career situations

Social networks

Situation: You are not spending on that much time, but you often access your favorite website to send messages and update your status.

In practice: There is no office, where employees did not hold correspondence and wandered across the expanses of the World Wide Web Internet. However, we recommend to be cautious when specifying the data about your status. You never know who else may read what you really think about the methods of your management.

Shirking from work

Situation: Anny is working in a clothing store and sometimes there are no visitors. From time to time,  she goes to the dressing room to try on one or another outfit. She even has a prepared explanation just in case. Anny can say that by doing so, she knows better the merchandise and that helps her to accommodate a client as required.

In practice: Perhaps this fun seems quite harmless, but the boss may not like it. There will always be other obligations against which such fitting may look like shirking from work. Besides, to be honest, there is no need to do such a practical experiment with clothes.

Communicating with colleagues

Situation: Your office is divided into separate cabins, this is why a couple of times a day you meet with your friend in the communal kitchen for a cup of tea or a simple conversation.

In practice: Of course, everyone has the right to have a short smoke break, but if you have a hourly work or you are receiving phone calls, then your too long absence from the workplace can result in a verbal or even a written warning. But if the atmosphere in your office is not too tight, then an extra five-minute rest can even help your career as it is very useful to know how colleagues in other departments work.

Sleeping on the workplace

Situation: Laura’s office has a policy that says “good work, good rest.” Therefore, after a stormy night party, although she comes to work on time, from time to time  she is quietly arranged so as to be able to take a little nap.

In practice: Even if someone else is doing that, resist the temptation. Hiding somewhere to take a nap means that you defraud the company of its time, and we assure you, no boss will like that. If this happens often enough, the sanctions can be very severe, as each contract contains a clause on adequacy for the job.

Leaving for personal reasons

Situation: You are tired of work and that is why you gladly take on various tasks, that allow you to slip out from the office. This is a rest and at the same time a possibility to do in the meanwhile something for yourself.

In practice: Since many services, post office or banks, are only open during business hours, then getting away from the office for a few minutes it’s even great. Only don’t abuse the confidence and don’t use this time to go to a clothing store. Also, make sure your boss is not in place at the time of your absence.

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