5 Rules of Teamwork

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Although we are not working in flocks but in office teamwork, we have something to learn from birds. For example, the work in team.

Teamwork Rules

Achieving goals

Each goose, when he flaps his wings, is creating air currents that increase the elevating power for those who fly behind. When traveling wedge-wise, the feathered increase the range of their flight by 71%.

What about us? When we share a common goal and concentrate the efforts on the overall result, we facilitate the work of those who are near, helping each other to do more.

Being a team

If a bird is accidentally knocked out of the wedge, she feels all the air resistance and the brunt of the flight alone. Therefore, as soon as possible, she tries to go back to her place, not to be outdone.

What about us? If we were as wise as geese, we would try to keep the team, which is moving in the right direction. We would have learned how to help and accept it with gratitude.

Being able to trust

When a goose flies at the head of the wedge and gets tired, he concedes the leading place for those who fly around.

What about us? We are often afraid to trust someone the work that we are committed to. But we would have much more energy if we would allow our colleagues to sometimes do something for us – as they (and not we) see fit.

Empathizing and helping

Often, one of the geese in the wedge feels bad and stays behind. Then the other two come off the flock and accompany him to the ground, where they stay around for protection and assistance

What about us? In difficult times, we must remember that the most important thing that each of us can do for each other is to stay around.

Inspiring each other

Why geese are gabbling while traveling? They tell the leaders that they are not far behind, flying at a given speed. And leaders reply so that everyone know they are heard.

What about us? Everyone needs encouragement and support words. And not just ordinary employees, for leaders, too, it is important to feel the support of their subordinates. When we encouraged each other to fly (i.e. work) it is much easier.

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