5 psychological tricks which will make life easier

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We’ve found 5 psychology tricks that will help win over the people, make new friends and become the soul of any company. We share with you the most interesting and simple ones – try to apply them on yourself, because we managed to do that!

Trick No. 1: Benjamin Franklin effect

Some people believe that one of the main tricks that help to win over people was found by the politician Benjamin Franklin. One day he decided to win over the man who clearly wasn’t trusting him by resorting to a psychological trick: he asked the man to lend him a rare book, and then he graciously thanked him. As a result, they became friends, finding common interests and topics for communication.

Psychological tricks which will make life easier

The fact is that a person becomes more favorable to those who do good things than to those to whom he is obliged to.

The one who made you a good work, will be more disposed to make you something good again, than the one who is owing you.

Trick No. 2: Ask more than you need

This trick works every time, allowing you to get exactly what you need. Its main charm lies in the trickery: if you need to get something from your employer, spouse or even your own children, then in advance ask for more than you expect to receive.

A man who will not want to fully satisfy your enormous need, he will most likely offer an easier option. And that’s just what was needed! Good job, you are a virtuoso manipulator!

Trick No. 3: Call the person by name

That’s how people are, they always like to hear their name – it is the most pleasant harmony of sounds that you can think of. And agree, when a loved tenderly says, “You are my dear Ann/ Mary / Jennifer”, then inside becomes so warm and cozy. And this is a really powerful psychological trick that allows you to win over everyone!

Dale Carnegie, the famous psychologist, writer and educator, wrote in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” that the frequent reference to the name of the person is able to transform any relationship for the better.

Trick No.4: The mirror effect

In universities and schools of theater acting is often used the exercise called “Mirror”, whose main task is to learn how to capture the mood of your interlocutor and feel him/her, as if you’re Siamese twins. Use it in your life, and the result will not wait long!

In order to learn how to skillfully wield a “mirror”, try practicing on friends and relatives: pay attention to their body language, mannerisms, facial and body expressions under any circumstances. And then, communicating with them in private, repeat these movements. This will create a relationship of trust.

Trick No. 5: Stay closer to the knocker

The knocker is the person who is prone to express his opinion, often negative, to increase his weight in society. In general, the character is unpleasant for everyone, but he still exists and can spoil if not the entire life, then a day in the life.

In order to avoid the excessive criticism of such a person, try to stay closer to him. We are not talking about friendship or a close relationship, but of something completely different: people tend to speak softly or less of those who are close.

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