5 efficient rules how to organize your working place

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There is a connection between personal performance at work and a well organized workplace. We collected five most simple but effective tips how to make your workspace comfortable and useful.

1. Create your own “oasis of thought”, where there is no place for teddy toys and other unnecessary things. Take from the table  all unnecessary and leave what really will be useful for you: stickers with important information, phone numbers and names, notepad or notebook, antibacterial wipes for your monitor and keyboard. All this, of course, must be with an attractive design, in addition to its practicality the things were pleasant to the eye. Any chaos, even the most creative, predisposes to a wave of relaxation and laziness, which does not contribute to an efficient work.

Working place how to organize

2. To ensure you do not feel any pain in the eyes area, arms, legs and butt, you should take care of the technical side of your work place: the monitor should be at a suitable height, so that you would be able to look away at something nice – this way you will avoid overexertion. The chair is better to be chosen with adjust function of height and tilt – back pain is something we do not need it. By the way, you can put between the lower back and the back of the chair a small pillow. This simple technique will allow avoiding an unnatural bending of the back, which can lead to a difficulty of blood circulation.

3. An important element in the work is the lighting. Ideally, this must be a soft diffused light. If the table is by the window, the sun will shine either in the eyes  or in the monitor, making it difficult to work. In this case blind or a heavy curtains will help.

4. You can put on your desktop a small conifer plant that does not require regular care. This way you’ll protect yourself from closeness, because in a place where there are many people, accumulates a large amount of carbon dioxide and increases the concentration of bacteria and germs in the air.

5. Create your own “board with goals.” It can contain all topics that motivate you: holidays in warm countries, a photo of a new house or a new car. By contemplating what you desire, you get inspired on an effective work and you are not distracted by little things, because you have so many things to do.

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