3 Things You Don’t Have to Say at Work

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It’s important not only what we say at the work place, but also how we do it. That’s why we presented 3 golden communication rules, to make everybody feel comfortable, and make work be pleasant.

1. Wrong: “I did it”, “it’s my glory, “for me it’s better”

Replace with: together (with colleagues), common results, our work

Why: Evidently, you shouldn’t exclude these words from your vocabulary, but you can minimize their use. Just imagine: your entire department worked on an important report (presentation, project, contract conclusion) and there you say (why not): “It was so hard, but i did it! Thanks God, now I’ll have time for my lovely hobby.” All your colleagues will look at you, at least, perplex, after all, each of them put their time, effort and desire for realization of the task. Don’t forget about others merits! Even if you had the chance to talk about the project from your person, compulsorily mention other participants.

Do not say at work

2. Wrong: “I can’t do it”, “I don’t want”, “I wouldn’t do it”

Replace with: we have a task; we’ll do it then; there are some priorities

Why: of course there always will be moments, when you really can’t complete a task. Maybe you don’t have enough resources, time, or maybe, actually it’s not even your job. But not every time you need to say it in that way. If you feel that you’re extra-charged, on your shoulders clinches a lot of responsibilities, and you are charged with something else, just show it. Tell about priorities in your work, on what are you working now, how much effort you put in there and when you expect to finish what you had begun. But, please, avoid pissed off words like: “I don’t want”, “I can’t” or “I wouldn’t”.

3. Wrong: show off all your knowledge

Replace with: corporate norms of communication

Why: Not in vain corporate ethics were invented! Even if you really know everything better than others, you shouldn’t show your priority in all possible cases. Don’t forget that everything you say is important and influence other people. Be delicate, respectful and professional- your colleagues will do the same.

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