10 things girls lie about

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As you know, hiding some minor details – does not mean to lie. What do we lie to ourself, to our man and all people around more often?

Things girls lie

– He really liked you, that was immediately clear! He’ll call you back, do not worry.

– You are my number two for me.

– Yeah, I just love to cook. The crown dish recipe gave me my great-grandmother.

– I have absolutely nothing to wear, because recently I wore the dress that I like. No, I can not wear the other one- My legs look fat in it.

– It’s great that you have a lot of friends! I do not mind that you spoke with Masha, she seems nice.

– I really do not understand why to give me flowers – it’s a waste of money.

– It’s ok. I am not mad.

– Of Course, go on and have some fun with my friends, I will find what to do.

– I do not do sports. It’s all genetics!

– I really did not hear the phone, it was on silent mode/on charge/in another room.

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