Jackets for women Fall 2015

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Autumn is not only a gold season, but also a rainy and windy weather, so we must take care of to our shoulders were warm and comfortable during this period. Nothing can give you a lot of care, rather than the favorite model jacket. How to decide on the style and color as always will help fashion experts who have rushed to present their latest creations at the past Milan, Paris and New York fashion shows.

Even if every designer is trying to beat the competition by offering more options for tailoring their new products, it is provisioned that all kind of similarity in the collections will still remain, which also suggests what is necessary to wear this season.

Fur sleeves

If last season designers dressed all of us in jackets with leather sleeves, then this time many of them have changed this trend by offering an option of jackets with sleeves made ​​of fur. In particular, fashion house as Balmain and Barbara BUI demonstrated to the audience such model of autumn jackets.


Leather jackets

Leather is here to stay also in Fall 2015. Of course, models of this solid material were significantly less, but still there. Leather jacket can be of any length, its main characteristics are the quality. The product must be natural and sit nice on you, but the color may vary, covering all most bold colors. Just important is the length of the leather product. In Fall 2015 you should get a medium length leather jacket or even a short length freely sitting on you. Form-fitting products from this material are slightly outdated. Examples of trendy leather jackets can be found in the collections of Balmain, etc.

Jackets 2015

Jackets Fall


Easy fit jackets – MUST HAVE of the season

Autumn is the time when a daily part of the image must necessarily be a comfortable jacket. For this case, designers like Balenciaga, Antonio Marras, Christopher Kane recommend to purchase a easy fit model that will look harmonious with various styles of trousers and skirts.


Christopher Kane

Jacket with a belt or strap

The famous and loved brand Donna Karan offers in Fall-Winter 2015-2015 season to get an easy fit jacket with a belt. The stylish belt will help to emphasize the waist and give shape to a seemingly dimensionless outerwear.

Donna Karan

Short cut models of jacket

Another trend that wouldn’t hurry to give the way to innovations is the shortened easy fit jacket. This style is ideal for women and girls with any type of body shape. Short jackets are often decorated with pockets or band collar. These models are hiding all spicy places and at the same time, are not piling up the image, that is very important in autumn, because you have to be warmed by bulky sweaters, scarves and various hats.



Combined models of jackets – MUST HAVE of the season

In Fall 2015 are actual combinations of the following materials: leather, suede and fur. The collections of BCBG Max Azria, Antonio Marras presented fur jackets with contrasting sleeves or bulk collars made of the same warm and fluffy material.

Max Azria


Collar of jackets

The attention of those present at Fall-Winter 2015 fashion shows was focused on the collars of jackets. In Fall 2015, these can be “firm”, made of fur or completely absent, the main thing is to not leave this item without attention.


Colored fur

The fur trend was also remarked this season. Many designers, including Blumarine, known for its ambiguous attitude to bright colors, offer a variety of jackets in colorful shades. Saturated purple, red or green products are very trendy in Fall 2015.


Translucent jackets

The famous brand Miu Miu, advised to wear models of translucent jackets. Designers combined vivid fabrics and translucent materials obtaining these way real unusual and vivid combinations for the autumn season.

Miu Miu

As a conclusion, getting to know which are the collections of famous fashion houses, we can conclude that in Fall 2015 we will warm up mostly with short cut jackets (preferably easy fit models), with a fur collar (maybe in a contrasting color). Also it is necessary to give preference to clasp in the form of buttons and rivets, as the classic zipper gave them its leading position in this season.

Be in trend but don’t forget thatclothes don’t make the man, it’s the man that makes the clothes and that is why no outfit will look impeccable without your smile and good mood. Wishing you a beautiful and warm autumn season!

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