How to wear dark lipstick

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Dark lipstick

A while ago it was considered that bright lipstick is intended only for evening makeup. With the blessing of famous fashion designers, fashion bloggers and it girls, now, blazing with red lips, you can even go to the office. For several seasons models at fashion shows wear bright lipstick in the shades of wine and this trend was immediately loved by all.

We will note that under “wine” we mean not only the color of burgundy lipstick, but also shades of ripe cherry, currant, plum and so on. The great advantage of such colors is that every girl is able to choose a suitable color and become brighter regardless of the type of appearance, hair and skin color. The only clarification is that brunettes should choose darker shades.

Dark lipstick

Dark lipstick in theory

– The main rule when choosing such a lipstick is an ideally smooth and beautiful skin tone that is why first of all choose a good face foundation. Wine color lipstick looks better on light skin tone.

– Dark lipstick makes thin lips even thinner, so before you apply it, outline the lips, slightly exceeding the natural border.

– Bright lipstick immediately draws the attention of others on your lips, therefore, at your smile, too, hence it should be of a pure white. So our recommendation to all lovers of these shades is to monitor not only the health, but also of teeth whiteness.

-Wine lipstick colors have not only luxury brands, but also mass market brands. To your taste, you can choose either a matte or a glossy texture – and they both look beautiful, important is to choose a saturated shade and forget for a moment about the midtones.

Dark lipstick

Dark lipstick in practice

– In the daytime makeup, allow only one accent to dominate on your face, and let it be the shade of ripe cherries on her lips. In this case, apply on the eyes light, translucent eyeshadows or just highlight the eyelashes with mascara. Avoid using bright eyeshadows, eyeliner and blush.

– If you are going to attend an evening event, choose a burgundy lipstick. In this case, underline the eyes with a black eyeliner, on cheeks apply a soft blush, to just give the face a fresh look.

– Lipsticks in bright saturated colors are an undisputed hit of last seasons. Lips in the color of ripe cherries suggest that she is following the fashion trends and is not afraid to experiment. Try, search your color, combine shades. For example, you can apply a lipstick in the color of the wine and in the center of the lips put a red (or gold) shade – this will make your makeup even more creative.

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