How to take care of your skin in summer, if it is oily, dry or sensitive

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If in terms of clothes, you can also buy the blouse and skirt you saw on your neighbor from the fourth floor, in terms of skin care you need to take action according to personal needs. Find the best care tips for oily, dry or sensitive skin.

Summer skin

Oily skin

Th excess sebum effect is really unpleasant when you have a oily skin. Therefore, it’s not the occasion to load it with too much make up. If you have a oily skin, avoid using the cream cleanser and replace it with a powerful cleansing gel. Don’t forget also about the tonic lotion you have to use each morning. Also, choose a cream specially for your skin type, with matte effects. In hot days, carry in your bag cleansing towels and use them for refreshing the skin every time you feel you need that. Try to give up on he bad habit to put your hands on the face because you will do nothing more than oil the skin more and predispose to the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

Dry and sensitive skin

If you have a dry skin, try to treat the problem from inside out. Get used to drink two to four liters of water a day, because nothing can moisturize your skin better than the liquids consumed during the day. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in your daily menu and you will be amazed by their effects on your skin. Additionally to these two rules, make sure you take care of your skin properly. Apply in the morning and in the evening a moisturizer that contains also solar protection factor, but not before cleaning the face with a cleanser and using a gentle toner. The sun dries your skin even more, that is why you have to use proper care products. Also, when going to the beach, it is required to take a shower right after bathing in the sea or in the pool. Chlorine and salt are very harmful to the skin, therefore you need to wash them as soon as possible.

For sensitive skin with problems, cleansing is a must in any season. Especially in summer, when because of sweat, your pores are much heavier. Choose the right beauty products for your skin type and do not forget to clean your skin and use a tonic lotion. Then apply a thin layer of cream and as less makeup as possible. If you have problems with acne, use a concealer and a fluid foundation, but do not load your skin with powder or blusher. Beware as much as possible of sunlight  by using SPF creams and by wearing broad-brimmed hats.

Normal skin

If you are amongst the lucky ones with normal skin, you shouldn’t relax either. Follow the 3 skin care steps because only this way you can prevent possible issues of the skin. Choose a range of care products appropriate for your skin type and get used to remove the make up both in the morning and in the evening. Then continue by applying a tonic lotion and moisturize well with a face cream. If you have a very busy schedule, have always in your bag cleansing towels, in order to refresh the skin whenever you need. You can apply once a week an energizing mask with vitamins, and on a regular basis, you can use a scrub gel that will remove the dead cells.

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