Why you are not losing fat from specific body areas

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The most common desire of all girls is to lose weight in a specific body area. Recently, I met my friends, we talked and we laughed. And, of course, we spoke about loosing weight. Courtney was telling us: “I want to loose weight in the waist area, strengthen the hips and just a little to fortify my arms. The rest may remain as it is. “Mary advised her to do some abs for the waist, do more intensely kicks for hips and train the arm with dumbbells. The only problem is that the fat does not leave locally. After all, we will hardly see a very fat man with six pack abs. From a specific body area the fat will not go away just because we will work on it. Due to physical stress, our body becomes more robust, strong and elastic. By carrying out exercises, we burn calories and lose weight, but we are losing weight completely, and not only in certain places. For example, we will gain muscles only training the arms but the fat will remain in its place. Thick muscles under a layer of fat will do our hands even bigger. To better understand how this is happening in our body, let’s take a closer look about what fat is and how it is formed.

Losing fat from specific body areas

Fat in the human body

In the human body, fat has many different functions. But its main role is the big source of energy. When we are performing certain activities, fat are the ones that give it to us.

The subcutaneous fat regulates heat and protects the internal organs from damage and shock. Genetically, it is deposited in the places where the fat will accumulate the most. These are our problem areas, where loosing weight will take much time. When we begin doing exercises, we see significant improvements in the whole body. But the problem area is often very behind in losing weight. You can completely lose weight, but the small tummy, or the “ears” on the thighs will remain. Why is this happening? The answer lies in the characteristics of fat cells.

About fat in the human body

Characteristics of fat cells

The adipose tissue consists primarily of cells called “adipocytes”. An average person has up to 35 billion adipocytes. While in overweight people, its number reaches 125 billion. If to take a closer look at the structure of the adipocyte, we see that it consists of fat globules, which is surrounded by blood vessels and collagen fibers. Cells are interconnected and “communicate” with the whole body with the help of capillaries. Thus, fatty tissues get all the necessary nutrients and give energy to activities of daily living.

The human body controls the operation of all the cells via hormones. They give signal to fat cells to get rid of their stocks or to accumulate a reserve. Hormones control all fat cells at once. They can not give a signal in one place to lose weight and in the other at this time to recover. This confirms the fact that the local weight loss is impossible. But there is a caveat, namely the fat can leave all body areas, but unevenly. This is due to the blood supply to tissues and activity of cellular receptors. This is the reason why the problem areas appear and why it is so difficult to get rid of them.

Local fat loss

How to get rid of body fat?

Unfortunately, there are no magic pills that will suddenly help loosing weight. Fat is accumulated more than one day. This usually occurred over the years. So why do we want to lose weight immediately?! Some people rely on additional procedures. For example, they go to all kinds of massages, go to the steam bath, visit cosmetologists, wrapped in films. But it is impossible to shake, “heat” or stretch your body fat like there is no point in doing any special exercises on the problem area. Thus, we simply increase the calorie consumption. It is worth remembering that the process of getting rid of fat reserves is a chemical reaction in the body. All these procedures can only activate the blood circulation and improve the microcirculation.

There are no secret rituals to get rid of fat. The only condition is a calorie deficit. That is, if every day we spend more calories than we consume, the weight will be reduced. The creation of a calorie deficit can be done in different ways. Some are betting on food, limiting theirself to a fatty food or are going on a diet. Others emphasis is on increasing the physical activity. For me, the ideal option is a combination of good nutrition and regular exercise.

No more body fat

My advice to all is to be patient and consistently to go to the set goal. Do not enter your body in a state of stress with dramatic weight loss. Take care of yourself, we have only one life and health is not eternal. Try to do everything right and then your beautiful body will serve you faithfully for many years!

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