Muscles instead of fat – how to achieve that?

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A beautiful, contoured, muscular body – this is what many people want to build when they come to the gym for the first time. My friend Courtney was no exception. At first, she was remarkably losing those extra pounds. But at some point, the weight began to either stand still or even increase slightly. Courtney has not been able to understand what is happening to her body. Muscles were present because she was feeling them well when doing exercises. And there was also the body fat that did not want to go. So my friend did not drop her hands but she figured out the problem. So, based on her experience, let’s try to make things clear.

How to gain muscle instead of fat

How the muscles are built?

The weight gain comes when we increase the amount of food we eat. All nutrients are consumed only to build the muscles, especially if you eat mostly protein food. Regular strength training also helps build the muscle tissue. But the remaining calories are deposited as a reserve in the form of fat in the most undesirable places. If reducing the daily caloric value, the fat will then be burned. But along with them will also burn the muscles that we’ve been trying to build. Thus, it turns out that muscle building is always interconnected with a set of a certain amount of fat. Avoiding this will not work either.

We need to set goals that are realistic to achieve. We have already figured out that muscle and fat are “hand to hand” together. What can we do to build a beautiful body? Quite simple, you need to make sure that the amount of consumed calories does not add fat on the thighs, but went on muscle building. We should strive to ensure that the muscle building process was accompanied by a minimal addition of fat. How to achieve this? Just follow some simple rules:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Regular training
  • Rest

Now let’s analyze more closely each of the rules.

How muscle are built

Proper nutrition

The principles of good nutrition should be followed not one or two days, but the whole life. Make it your new way of life. This way you will not only make your body look like you want, but also improve the whole body state. The basis of good nutrition is usually the rule – daily calorie diet must comply with body’s energy losses. In simple terms, for weight loss, we should eat a day fewer calories than we consume. While for weight gain, respectively, we need more calories than we consume.

To gain more muscle and less fat you need to eat fractional, small portions. It is better to divide the meals into 5-6 times. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be diluted with a snack. Such a diet will improve your metabolism, because the body will never go hungry. Therefore, it will not need to set aside calories.

Also, the composition of consumed food must comply with the physiological needs of the body. Every day, we need certain vitamins and minerals that are unable to synthesize by their own. So we need to make our meals more diverse and healthy. Give preference to mostly natural foods. Eat vegetables, fish, eggs, lean meat, whole-grain cereals, fruit, cheese.

Healthy eating

Regular training

Losing weight and building muscles can be achieved only with regular exercises. You can not repeatedly do intense workouts and then wait for grand results. But if you build your workout correctly, and you try not to miss them, then you will achieve the desired results. Due to the gradual build-up of muscle and speed up of the metabolism, you will burn the excess fat. A hyped metabolism starts the process of weight loss that does not stop even at rest. The emphasis should be made on strength training. You need to increase the load gradually, and exercises must be executed in a properly method.

Regular training for beautiful body


The process of building a beautiful body is best to be started by normalizing the daily routine. Rest is vital to us. Without a full recovery progress is not possible. Thus, you will train but with no results and all forces will gradually dwindle. Instead of good-quality training you have wasted your time trying to do the exercises somehow. Muscles need rest, only that way they will grow and become stronger. Under heavy trainings, muscles are damaged and micro fractures of muscle fibers are formed. The body restores these fibers only during the rest. As a result, the muscles become stronger and bigger than they were before. And this is the effect we wanted to achieve.

Muscles need rest

As you can see, everything is very simple and accessible to everyone. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. It is enough to get up and start doing something, and the result will definitively come!

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