8 useful rules of a proper running

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We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions of those who are beginning to have an active life by regular runs and tried to answer all of them. Find out what to do before, during and after running.

Where should I run?

Choose any surface – stadium, park ground, asphalt. You can even alternate them during training. But on no condition run on concrete, this is the most harmful option for your joints. Take care of shoes in any case.

How to breathe correctly?

Only through the nose. You fail to inhale and exhale through your mouth? The body suffers from oxygen lacking. Slow down and try to alternate walking with short joggings.

Proper running rules

How to warm up?

Failing to warm up can lead to an injury. Do you want that? Do one of these or do all at once: 5 minutes of fast pace stepping; 5-10 minutes of sit-ups and rolling your feet in a half-squat; jump on a leg in a square. After running, walk in a slow temp in order to restore your breathing.

How to run properly?

A safe technique is considered when the runner lands on the toe and not the heel. It is difficult to achieve that and you will have to train. This way you will protect your feet from very serious injuries in the future, when the load increases. Keep your back straight, your body slightly bent forward, your belly a little taut, your arms bent at right angles and unstressed. Don’t look to the ground but before you, it will help from the psychological point of view.

How to proceed if I feel a pain?

Better stop immediately, you don’t have to feel any pain. Often, when running, one feels a stitch in the side. This happens because the liver and spleen quickly fill with blood (which is good), and puts pressure on the shell (which is frustrating). Warm up before jogging and gradually increase the load, so that your body has time to adapt.

What to listen to while running?

Audio books or songs with beats per minute — BPM, which correspond to the temp of your training.

What to eat before running?

You have to eat not later than two hours before running. Energy will supply products like bananas, dried fruits and complex carbohydrate: a sandwich with whole-wheat bread, pasta with vegetable sauce.

What to wear?

The main rule of the outfit: wear something as if outside is 10 degrees warmer. Are suitable all loose clothes, in which you will not sweat. If you have big breasts, wear a sport bra. A simple bra will not insure a proper support.

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