10 signs of sleep deprivation you might not be able to observe

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Another movies series, to find out who they will be born, another half an hour in the social network, as Mary is so worried because of this jerk, the last comment in FB and straight to bed! Sounds familiar? Even if you do not yawn all day and work at full capacity, do not think that you’re the only one for whom 5 hours of sleep are enough for a full recovery. Test yourself: if you agree with two or more items from our list you are a sleep deprived person!

Signs of sleep deprivation

1. Your appetite increased

And you don’t want to eat salads and fruits. You can not withstand fried potatoes, you are haunted by thoughts on a pork chop, not speaking about sweets, even if you are not a dessert passionate. The fact is that in the lack of sleep, the body reduces the production of leptin: the saturation indicator. And you can not eat eat your head off.

2. You are gaining weight

The direct consequence of the first paragraph. Even if you restrain yourself and follow a diet, you are still gaining 4 pounds a month. This is due to the slow metabolism: in the conditions of a lack of sleep, the metabolism becomes less intense, the body is lazy and fat is not broken down but deposit on your stomach and thighs.

3. You’ve became irritate

You are getting mad because of little and annoying things, you are annoyed by loud sounds, you can’t stand the delays in the bus schedules, and the nice chatter with your colleagues, that once was pleasant, now became a really idiot waste of time. It’s your nervous system trying to tell you it’s time for a good and sound rest!

4. You’ve became forgetful

Before, you easily kept in mind the to do list for the whole day, you were always congratulating your friends on their birthday and knew exactly what you were searching in the kitchen. Now you can not remember where you put your keys a moment ago, you write yourself a kilometer lists, or forget what you were planning to do, and if it were not Facebook, half of friends took offense to the fact that you have not congratulated them on their birthday. The fact is that your psyche cuts off everything that is not urgently needed, and a lot of details fall out of focus.

5. You find difficult to make a choice

You’re trying on a dress for the fifth time and you can not figure out whether it sits well. You refused to cook pasta for dinner because you still did not choose which recipe is best. You’re an hour looking through the poster, but you still did not choose a movie that you want to see and stayed at home. Due to fatigue, the brain is simply incapable to evaluate all the pros and cons of each option.

6. You’ve become clumsy

You have bruises because you constantly bump into sharp corners, when pouring coffee, you are bound to spill the boiling water on the table, your phone comes out of your hands, as if he was alive, and in the subway you always come across people who are so willing to step under your feet. The lack of sleep decreases motor functions and kills the concentration, rest, and it will pass! You should be especially careful if you are driving.

7. You’ve become a crybaby

A romantic comedy, the story of a colleague about the marriage of her sister, the flooding in Asia or the news on a coming cold period – any little thing can bring you to tears. This is another signal of the nervous system to malfunction, don’t ignore it!

8. You are often getting cold

During sleep, our body produces special substances – cytokines, that boost the immune system. If every sneeze in a radius of five meters leads to the fact that you begin to have runny nose and cough, and then one cold smoothly passes into another, go to sleep!

9. You’ve began to see worse

You often squints in order to read a sign, sometimes you have double vision, and you also began to notice around a light haze. These are eye’s muscles that do not have time to recover and because of that you are focusing harder your sight.

10. You’ve lost your interest in sex

The mother nature is wise: if the body is exhausted, it will not be able to conceive and bear a healthy child. So, you are not allowed to do sex and the excitation mechanisms are turned off. Go to bed (in all senses) and sleep! If you’ll get enough sleep – you’ll wake up your libido, too!

And you will ask how much sleep is needed in order to recover the body?

Well, calculate yourself. Do you know how many hours of sleep you need to feel rested? The lack of sleep is compensated on the principle “hour after hour”. That is, if you need to sleep 8 hours a day, but you slept 6 hours only, you have accumulated 10 hours of lack of sleep . You can sleep the whole Saturday!

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