Headwear Fall-Winter 2016-2016

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It is no secret that health is the most important thing in the life of any person. That is why, from year to year, taking care of their admirers, famous designers are launching entire collections of fashion headwear. Thanks to their efforts, each modern lady is able to remain fashionable, feeling comfortable and at the same time warm. How did famous fashion houses managed to combine beauty with practicality? What headwear designs are in fashion in fall-winter 2016-2016 season.

Fur trapper hats

Analyzing fashion collections, it is impossible not to notice that the new cold season comes with the triumphant return of fur trapper hats, which can not be compared with anything, when it comes to wear and practicability. In addition, this accessory is extremely universal, looking good as worn by both men and women. Modern designers launch such hats made from various fabrics, but in winter in high demand will be the same fur patterns (Ralph Lauren, Zoe Jordan, I’m Isola Marras).

Fur womens trapper hats

Ralph Lauren hats

Women beret

The beret has long been the main accessory of feminine wardrobe. It is hard to believe, but initially berets were worn only by men who went to the army. Certainly, current designs differ from their predecessors. From now on, this headwear represents femininity, romantics and finesse, as demonstrated in presentations by Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Emanuel Ungaro. The democracy of the current fashion was revealed here as well, because of which could be seen a lot of berets designs, sometimes executed in the most unexpected fabrics.

Berets Fall Winter 2016 2017

Headwear Winter 2017

Classic berets

Wide brim hat

Wide brimmed hats are another stellar trend of fall-winter season. This item is characterized by incredible opportunity to be combined with different clothes from the wardrobe, which allows the creation of many fashionable outfits. For example, Vivienne Westwood, Ralph Lauren, Emanuel Ungaro, Giuliana Romanno recommend us wearing hats with dresses, sweaters, capes, ponchos, coats, overcoats, jackets, suits. If we talk about who can wear these accessories, then undoubtedly they look great on tall ladies. Ladies with lower height are recommended to choose hats with brims not broader than their shoulders. If a lady of low height will want to purchase such a hat then we recommend them to draw attention to designs with large crown that will visually correct the height.

Womens hats

What hats are in style in Fall 2016

Elegant hat

Fashion hat designs


Headwear with visor

In the fashion shows could also be seen hats with visor, which became a hit of Kenzo new “cool” clothing line. The brand has made this type of accessory in a solid frame, covered with blue, black and brown knit. Usually, the visor is used as a shield against the sun’s hot rays but in this case it would be appropriate to use it as a means of protection against rain and snow.

Knitted with visor


Fashion hoods

Fashionistas who despite the diversity of modern head accessories do not want to wear them, can get out of the situation by using hoods that will not only keep warm, but will also give the image a laconic note. Zoe Jordan, Fendi, Francesca Liberatore presented fashionable hoods designs fall-winter 2016-2016. As we can see, some of the hoods were created so voluminous that resembled the famous hoods of ancient times.

Hoods fall 2016 winter 2017


Scarves and headkerchiefs

Fur trapper hats and thick hoods are perfect for the cold winter days, while during the cold autumn, we need other headwear. For example, with this purpose Dolce & Gabbana recommend us to use scarves and headkerchiefs that were in unison with the rest of the outfit by the range of colors. Such items can be used not only as hair accessories, but also as fashion accessories, which can become an indispensable part of the female image.

Head scarves 2017

Headkerchiefs 2017

Knitted hats

Knitted hats are always present in fashion shows. They look stylish, are comfortable and in addition, are perfect for the vast majority of the female population. In the new cold season, these hats were favorites of Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Timo Weiland and many other fashion designers.

Knitted hats 2017

Fashion knitted hats

Womens knitted hats


In order to please fashionistas and to make them not get bored wearing boring headwear, designers have decorated their creations with various decorations, including funny pompons, colored floral applications, metal rivets (Dolce & Gabbana Marc by Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, Desigual).

Headwear décor 2016 2017




Headwear in futurist style

Do you like original articles that can emphasize your individuality and character? Then you may pay attention to the collections offered by Maison Margiela, Thom Browne, Vietinio, Roccobarocco, where they presented unique headwear designs for fall-winter 2016-2016, which sometimes breaks all stereotypes of modern fashion. You decide whether or not to purchase and wear such items, but the truth is they look really extravagant and futuristic.

What headwear is in style in winter 2017

Headwear in futurist style







womens hats in futurist style

Becoming acquainted with fashion headwear fall-winter 2016-2016, it is clear that the new cold season promises to be quite exciting, intense and progressive. Are you passionate about classic or knitted headkerchiefs? Or do you like quirky and bold patterns? The choice is yours and only this way you will always be fashionable.

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