Gucci Resort Collection 2016

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Gucci 2016

Style and grace are the basis of all Italian fashion house Gucci collections. Clothing of this brand is always delicate and tender. Wearing Gucci outfits you will definitely feel like a lady and achieve any desired goals.

The Lookbook of Gucci Summer collection 2016 surprised many fashion critics. At first, the attention was drawn on unusual prints, to the creation of which Chris Knight had a hand in. This is the modified version of the legendary drawn “Flora”, which has long remained and still remains in demand.

Gucci Resort Collection

In addition to the extremely delicate print, there are is also the no less stylish reptile print, which the designer did not forget for several consecutive seasons. This time it is present as the base in outwear and footwear, as well in forms of collars.

New Gucci

But most outfits were created in pastel shades. This can be both, total looks as well as combined looks. And if you think that pastel shades are too boring for you, you can dissolve it with a bright brick accent.

Gucci Summer


In Frida Giannini collection was used whole materials to create evening and casual dresses. Dresses without any seams create the illusion of three-dimensional images. Also in the collection are present double-breasted T-silhouette coats, Bermuda shorts, shirt-dresses.




Speaking about dresses. Here the style is reserved, mainly knee length. The upper part resembles a shirt while the bottom is executed in trapezoidal shape or even in pleats.

Gucci dresses

Loose pants in the style of the 60’s look ideal on tall and slender ladies. They give the look elegance and look like a complete office outfit.

Gucci pants

The Gucci footwear is high and stylish boots and ankle boots, as well as no less fashionable models of flat-soled moccasins. The choice of footwear in the first place should meet your plans for the day. Agree, if you have to attend a business event, you would probably prefer comfortable shoes with low heels instead of stilettos.

Gucci boots

The accessories of this collection are metal bracelets of different weaves, sunglasses, without which it is difficult to imagine at least one spring and summer look, and bags of different shapes. Here we can see rectangular clutches and handbags – trapeze and duffelbag.

Gucci accessories

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