What is fashionable to wear in Summer 2015

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Fashion is a capricious lady, it may take you on the pedestal of fashion and style but can also name you the worst dressed person. If you don’t want to receive such a title, now it is the perfect time to think about what you will wear in Spring 2015 and get rid of unwanted clothes from your wardrobe.

Summer 2015

In order to create a beautiful lucky outfit you will have to give up on the out fashioned clothing, shoes and accessories. First of all we have to “remove” from our wardrobe the suede and leather velcro sneakers, an out break of the last Fall season.  Out of fashion are also the skinny jeans (very narrow models) with floral prints or other big images. They were meant for big legged owners but for unknown reasons these could be seen in the wardrobe of women with very unproportional parameters.

Summer is the time when we can demonstrate all our qualities and it is important to not overreact in this sense. In Summer 2015 we must not wear dresses with huge artificial holes in the belly, hips and décolleté area. Is not the first season when designers recommend to get rid of huge bags and this summer is no exception. Small or medium-sized shoulder bags – that’s what should complement your everyday look.

Now let’s see in detail what we have to purchase or to get rid of our wardrobe in the hottest summer periods

It’s all about color

When seeing any kind of cloth, first please pay attention to its color and then to its style. So let’s find out what is the fashion of colors in this warm season.

In hot time of the year we all want to correspond with the weather and be as bright as the sun is. Designers took into consideration our desiderates and advice us to look fresh and delicate in the Summer 2015. The calmness of colors can be seen in many collections of famous designers. The main color of the season will be blue. Shades of purple, orange and yellow will make your wardrobe trendy as well.

Fashionable 2015

Prints will experience a significant popularity in the summer season. Floral motives will appeal not only sophisticated and easy natures, but also the ladies with a strong character. Flowers are universal and suitable both for the creation of new solutions, and modifications of the existing ones. In the new season, designers offer outfits made of ​​not only usual floral fabrics, but also of hand-painted images, floral appliques on a monochrome background. Also relevant are the three-dimensional prints and faded patterns. Designers did not forget about polka dots, which creates a playful image. This season, this print will be of different colors and sizes.

Fashion Summer

Clothing made of striped fabric will always look stylish. In the new season, we will also have in fashion the check.  These two color solution can be successfully combined and you can create an interesting and versatile look. For lovers of more complex fabrics, translucency and abstraction are present in the new season.

Striped Summer

Choosing the style

The peculiar sort of geisha style is gaining popularity in the female wardrobe. This style is characterized by soft blouses, wrap dresses, light blazers or jackets. This style is very simple, it’s all about the kimono cut.

Style 2015

If you don’t have your loved dress then a dress with scenic prints can be an option. This pattern will hypnotize the audience and no doubt you will be in the center of attention. This will help distract from the body imperfections and focus the attention only on the perfect parts of the body.

Fashion Summer

This season is relevant also the hand-made style. If you have tailoring and sewing abilities or if you feel deep inside you are a fashion designer, create your own outfits and you will be a unique owner of a fashion collections. Be sure that handmade clothing is a trend that will abound the fashion industry.

The fringes elements, feathers, images of African masks and folk ornaments will have to decorate the summer wardrobe of a real fashionista. Dresses and skirts made ​​using African folk costumes became one of the leading themes of most famous fashion houses.

Fashion Summer

The trendy blue color can be seen in the examples of blouses and dresses in marine style of old 60’s. Designers advice to combine these types of clothing with a red or yellow belt, a bright accent in the outfit. It will be very appropriate if you would buy to this outfit a small clutch and earrings.

Trendy color

Choosing the fabric

Lace can also be a fashionable fabric in Summer 2015 season, as well as the translucent chiffon, silk and satin. But the main trend is the combination of unusual textures, multilayer and complexity of outfits. Don’t be afraid of unusual combinations: chiffon and wool, velvet and lace will help you stand out from the crowd and feel unique.

Lace Summer

Another spice of the next season is the two ply materials: black lace on red warp or black lace on beige warp.

Fashion materials

Footwear and accessories

An important role in creating an outfit is the footwear and accessories. The fashion of large and massive necklaces, small bags and elegant shoes can be seen in summer collections. Rounded toe shoes faded into significance. The pointed toe – that is what should characterize your shoes. This trend is particularly characteristic for flat shoes, which are in the wardrobe of almost every woman. These casual shoes are comfortable, but they must be stylish as well. Heels should be thick and predominantly made of plastic, having a height of 6-8 cm. The main novelty in the world of shoes is the full transparency of the heel. Agree, it sounds eye-catching!



Hand-made accessories are a MUST in an outfit. These can be marbles and big beads. Colors can be different; the most important is that at least one color from the pattern to be matched with the color of the dress or with another element of the outfit.

In summer it is difficult without a handbag and sunglasses. These are an important accessory in an outfit. This season, the most popular are classical sunglasses and handbags made of braided leather or easel handbags.

Fashion Summer

Summarizing the fashion summer review, it can be said that the upcoming season prepares us a lot of bright colors and clear lines. In fashion is the feminine naturalness, graceful forms of dresses, handmade accessories and pointed toe shoes. And if you have a good taste, create a multilayered look that will not only draw attention, but will also make others examine your outfit for a very long time.

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