What is fashionable in Spring 2016 or main trends of the season

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Spring 2016 trends

The fashion shows from four world fashion capitals faded away. Each week was good in its own way: somewhere the trends were similar, somewhere contradictory, but the most important is that we can talk about the most fashionable outfits of spring 2016.


Last season, the Spring-Summer collections were full of unusual shapes and styles. This time famous fashion designers advice ladies to show their own charms through the transparent fabrics mesh and large slits.

Transparency trend Spring 2016Transparency Spring 2016

Trouser skirt

Trousers are the most popular spring clothes. With their help, you can create a completely original designer’s look, it is enough to just select an unusual model. In spring 2016, fashion designers recommend to pay attention to models of trouser skirt. We noted that are back loose outfits, which on one hand hide the shape from prying eyes, and on the other – make a woman’s body mysteriously.

Trouser skirts Spring 2016

Color blocking

It has been already said many times about such popular trend of the season as the color blocking. It burst onto the podium a few seasons ago and is in no hurry to take its positions. Under color blocking we mean an outfit, created on the basis of two or more blocking each other colors. This game of color reserves clothes the right to be simple and modest, because bright colors already are making it memorable.

Dsquared color blocking Spring 2016


Frills and romantic ruffles are in trend again. And that means we need to hurry to take out of the wardrobe outfits we purchased 3 warm seasons ago, when this style was on the peak of popularity. And if then you did not manage to acquire a trendy dress with frills, pay attention to the new collections as you can see it in a wide variety.

Fashionable frills Spring 2016


And again, the check, and especially small check! This print has long been among the classic and every year it only strengthens their position. It is used to create blouses, shorts, skirts and dresses. Total checkered look –is a trend in Spring 2016.

Trendy check Spring 2016Check trend in Spring 2016

Waistband belts

Unfortunately, not all can have a perfect waist, but many know that it can be emphasized by using a properly sized belt. So this season stylists offer to abandon leather belts in favor of waistband belts. They not only emphasize the body, but also make the image look more romantic.

Waistband belts Spring 2016


The decor is an important component of a dress, because no additional dress details risks becoming boring and forgettable. Of course, such an option for the office is more than acceptable, but at a party, on a visit or at the restaurant, ladies unequivocally want attention. Articles with fringe must replenish your wardrobe in the spring 2016.

Fringes 2016 Spring2015 Spring Fringes Fringes Spring 2016


In spring we all want warmth and luminosity. Probably this is the reason why famous fashion designers advice that together with the coming warm season, to put away gray outfits no matter how practical they might be and dress in white and pastel outfits.

White color Spring 2016 Fashionable white Spring 2016

The style of the 70’s

In the fall-winter 2015-2015 seasons, we dressed up as in the 60’s of last century. This time, the style of the 70’s is at the peak of popularity.

70’s style Spring 2016

Flower buds

It is difficult to name the floral print a trend, because from season to season, it does not want leave us. Rather, it is a slightly modified classic. Thus, spring 2016 will be filled with images of “naked” flowers. We forget for a while that the plants have stems and leaves and rejoice only of bright flower buds.

Flower buds 2016 Spring

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