Fashionable Skirts Spring-Summer 2021

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Skirts are never too many and this is the truth! Now designers manifest their diversity everywhere, even combining skirts with trousers (which, in fact, does not cause two disagreements). This combination was seen in previous presentations, but what did the spring-summer season of 2021 bring? Materials, shapes and textures seem to be for parties that are not over. Lurex, silk threads, tutu skirts, gloss and glitter, etc. We accept the challenge and say hello to the fashion trends!

Skirts 2021

Transparent Mesh Skirts

In spring-summer, it was decided unanimously to uncover the legs as much as possible. Do not do anything, just follow the instructions on the catwalk! The mesh assumes a kind of imitation of the skirt, but to smooth out all embarrassing moments, the image needs to be completed. To do this, you can safely choose a long blazer with three-dimensional shoulders, a waist trenchcoat with a belt, a tunic or a kimono dress.

Transparent skirts designs summer 2021

midi transparent

black transparent

Leather skirts

Leather is the right fabric for all occasions. Now this is complemented by patches, rivets, fringes and even contrasting applications. A leather pencil skirt (knee length) can be worn in any look: business (with a track suit jacket, white blouse and classical stiletto), casual (with T-shirt, sneakers, jeans, blazer or oversize bomber). By the way, this season, this detail gets a more conservative environment in the shape of shirts, simple t-shirts and blazers. However, both the overall appearance of leather and the connection with animal prints are acceptable.

Fashionable short leather skirts

Leather midi skirt 2021



Wrap Skirts and Asymmetry

Asymmetry on the skirt, created with diagonal cuts and side cuts on the side, always gives a note of charm. This idea inspired a new life in pencil skirts, maxi and even tulip skirts. The pattern is universal and if there are more options and different colors in the wardrobe, the number of styles that can be created can be estimated in tens. Try adding a shiny or metallic color. Do not be afraid to wear gloss: a contrasting point like a red lacquered skirt will do its job in a regular black mono look.

Best knee length skirts

What skirts are in style 2021

Asymmetric skirts patterns spring-summer 2021

Asymmetric midi


A-shaped Skirts

This skirt pattern is basically the most important part of the spring and summer wardrobe. Plaid and monochrome skirts, straight or embroidered, matching with blouses, high-mesh sweaters, blazers and crop-tops will create that perfect look.

Mini skirts spring summer 2021

By the way, mini skirts are perfect for a 60’s look: we wear a mini skirt, jacket, big glasses in plastic frames and Mary Jane shoes – one of the most popular women’s shoes patterns.

What skirts to wear in spring 2021

Short black slim fit skirts

Tutu Skirt

The tutu skirt and all the associated patterns have become the trend of the spring-summer season 2021 and in a very unusual way (without taking into account delicate and refined evening pictures). Now, the tutu skirt has become an attribute of rock style and a synonym for something naughty. Yes, yes, now you no longer need white nylons, now we have to replace them with mesh patterns and instead of the body shirt – leather jackets in the most vivid colors, and even with decoration like rivets and patches. Forget about ballet shoes and opt for leather boots with thick soles or cowboy boots.

Trendy tutu skirts in 2021

elegant festive


Tutu 2021 skirt for women

Frills and Ruffles

They were seen in almost all spring-summer collections for 2021. The center of attention is the godet skirt, one of the most common styles: high waist, tight hips and flared hem, decorated with ruffles. Such madness of ruffles, frills and folds is a must have which, moreover, can be easily tolerated day by day.

Straight skirt with ruffles

Office skirts 2021 ruffles


Gloss and Metallic Appearance

The shimmering of new trends blinds us and returns to the disco era! Varnished leather and vinyl can not be missed from any loud party. The main condition is the color and it really matters! Rosy candy, deep black, intense blue, noble gold and cool silver shine are the perfect colors for pencil skirt, godet and A-silhouette skirt. Combine them with asymmetrical tops, retro bulky jackets, oversize sweaters.

What skirts to wear in summer 2021

Best skirts 2021



This is an ideal option for a cocktail party if you want something unusual. It is enough to have a lingerie style top and a matching blazer. In addition, such a skirt can become the basis of the country-style image: a light beige or light brown sweater, cowboy boots or cowboy high boots, a large leather belt with a metal buckle and large jewelry (earrings or bracelets).

Fringed skirts spring-summer 2021


white evening


The leather harness, the trend of 2021

The leather straps, woven in a kind of skirt, are the top trend of the 2021 spring-summer season. This is a very versatile and promising object that will surely be included in the fashion trend list for a long time now. Even in everyday looks, such an element is indispensable: in combination with a maxi dress or pencil skirt, jeans and even pant suits.

Skirts trends 2021



The new season is a clear proof that we must remain feminine at any rhythm of life. Even if your choice most often consists of pants and jeans, find the right time and opportunity to wear a skirt and dizzying heels!

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