Fashionable skirts Spring – Summer 2015

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In anticipation of spring each fashionista want to quickly refresh her wardrobe and prepare for the new season. Today we will tell and show what skirts promises to be the most fashionable the spring 2015. The most interesting trends are considered based on the analysis of more than 400 spring-summer 2015 collections.

Fashionable length of skirts 2015

It’s impossible to pick out a certain length of a skirt, which can be the most fashionable the next year. However, there is still a tendency of maxi-length popularity. We can choose one or another depending on individual characteristics of each woman.

2014 Floor Length Skirts – spring options photos

Smooth lines, flowing fabrics and monochromatic colors – these are the most fashionable maxi length skirts for the next spring. They can be flared and laconic. Noticeably, the pleated fabric of maxi length lost its popularity. Now in vogue is chiffon, silk, linen fabrics, as well as a combination of several layers in a single product.


Voluminous maxi

It’s not mandatory to buy a new dress for special occasions. It is enough just to purchase a voluminous skirt of a maximum length. In combination with a top, in contrast color or decorated with floral applications, sequins, rhinestones, such outfit will be perfect for the creation of an evening look.

Fashionable skirts


Voluminous maxi

Midi skirts

This type of skirts will underline the shapely legs and feminine forms. Beautiful options are skirts made of iridescent colored fabric, and skirts with polka dot print.

Midi skirts

Folded mini skirts

Among the ultra-short models, there is a tendency to decorate a style with folds. Such a style reminds an item of a school uniform and can be combined with a variety of shirts, blouses and tops.

Mini Skirt

Skirt trends for Spring 2015

Among the fashionable styles of skirts for Spring 2015 can be noted several key trends – streamlined forms, craving for the classics and unusual approach to drapery fabric.

Godè style skirt Spring 2015

You can create a graceful silhouette can create even without having miniature forms. Godè style skirts will help to hide the body imperfections and draw attention to the favorable side of the exterior.

Godè Skirts

Pencil skirt Spring 2015

This is an ideal style for work and daily activities. Fashion designers advice to wear this summer this type of skirt combined with a short top, and in spring with a tailored jacket.

Pencil skirts

High waist skirt

When creating their collections of springs for the next spring, designer put an accent especially on the waist. With the help of contrast and large belts we can make the body shape look more proportional. The high waist line can distract the attention from the extra body weight in the waist and hips area.

High waist

Pleated skirts

Unlike last year’s spring-summer season, the fashion for long pleated vanished in summer. Today, in fashion is the average length as well as mini-versions of skirts. The color of pleated skirts in the new season becomes more restrained, with a predominance of pastel colors and monochromatic fabrics.

Pleated skirts

Fashionable skirts 2015 — material

Among the fashionable fabrics of Spring 2015, used for the creation of women skirt, a great success enjoyed brilliant, flowing fabrics. But the abundance of leather and denim options also increased significantly.

Denim skirts Spring 2015

Spring 2015 denim models are different by the predominance of light-blue shades, decorated with prints on the denim fabric as well as by the use of a technique consisting of decorating the article with fragments of denim fabric in different colors.

Denim skirts


One of the most original trends in the skirt fashion is the use of semi-transparent fabrics, semi-transparent chiffon, guipure, organza and synthetic thread skirts, noted in the following trends:

Transparent Skirts

Lace skirts

The irreplaceable fabric from female wardrobe, lace and guipure, splashed at fashion shows. Lace skirt for spring 2015 is different in fabric density, used in the decoration with perforation and multilayer technique.

Lace skirts

Spring 2015 – Leather skirts

In Spring 2015, leather skirts will be the following:

Leather skirts

Fashionable color of skirts for Spring 2015

Each year, skirts are “victims” of color variations like every article from the wardrobe. In the new season, popular are still the colors of ripe fruits, the classic black and white as well as the floral print.


This is an ideal color for daily activities, office or night out. In Spring 2015, a stylish black dress may be supplemented with draperies, zippers, sequins and appliqués.

Black skirts


Juicy shades dominated the shows of Italian and French designers. The laconic cut was neutralized with fabrics of saturated colors.

Vivid skirts

Floral print

The popularity of floral prints patterns becomes more and more various. In the new season, skirts with floral prints will be different by the predominance of a vivid and bright range of colors. Although, an irreplaceable success have the prints in base colors.

Floral print

These are the most fashionable skirts of Spring 2015. Please come back and we will tell you about other interesting details in the wardrobe of Spring-Summer 2015 season.