Fashionable jackets Spring 2015

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Each fashionista tends to buy something new for the spring time. The spring season and the awakening of nature give us a desire to refresh our wardrobe with noticeable outfits to impress everyone around. One of these items is a stylish and fashionable women’s jacket. Spring 2015 is still far away but we have already analyzed all the important outerwear collections for Spring-Summer 2015 season and chose the most relevant examples to follow.

Amongst the amazing variety of outerwear, the Spring 2015 women jacket is one of the most popular item in all fashion collections. The number of varieties will even impress the most sophisticated fashionist. We noted 15 key tendencies out of thousands of Pret-a-Porter collections and we are now offering you the possibility to know which these are.


Among the style trends, women fashion jackets demonstrate the following trends in Spring 2015 Woman fashion.

Grunge style

The abundance of slide fasteners, metal studs and rivets, the ultra style all are very popular in the “grunge” style. This direction is one of the most popular among the youngest fashion audience.

Grunge style

Hard rock

The rebel feeling is peculiar mostly to young people. This way they can express their freedom-loving nature and the independence with the help of stylish leather jackets.

Fashionable jackets

Leather jackets of Dion Lee, Herve Leger, Todd Lynn, Undercover, Jason Wu, Junya Watanabe

Boxy jackets

Echoes of the autumn trend and bulky outerwear styles were also noted in Spring-Summer 2015 collections. Deliberately, the bulk shoulder line, wide sleeves, tapering to the wrist –are the real spring 2015 trendy jackets, presented in different price ranges.

Boxy jackets

The temptation in miniature

The abundance of mini jackets fits perfectly in the wardrobe of a young, delicate fashion lady.



For lovers of vigorous outdoor recreation and vigorous jogging in the morning at any time of year and weather conditions, an ideal companion for life will be the elegant spencer blazer.


Every day

Every day

Fashion material

Compared with last year’s spring season, there was a decline in the relevance of leather. The leather was replaced with denim, flannel, nylon, and even polyethylene.


Denim models were exposed in important shows of successful designers as well as amongst the works of designers new in the fashion industry.



Articles from mesh fabrics, as well as those decorated with the application of perforations are a hit of the spring season. It is worth noting that perforated texture is one of the most popular trends of Spring 2015, and therefore in such a jacket you will not only attract attention but also will be on top of fashion trends.


Translucent material

Quite a few designers demonstrated an innovative approach, creating a luxurious collection with the use of transparent and translucent materials. This type of jacket will protect your clothes from the rain and accentuate the beauty of the figure and the stylish outfit.



From year to year, designers, without saying a word, choose some trendy “tips” to make ordinary things look in a special way. In this new season, the stand-up collar, collarless clothing and zippers replaced with buttons were presented.

Models with stand-up collar

Such variations are perfect for rainy days, when we want to hide from the wind and rain drops. Such model will accentuate the graceful posture and the beautiful oval face.

Stand-up collar

Collarless clothing

This is a pretty actual trend for long neck owners and a slim body shape. Those who can’t have such features, the lack of collar will ideally look in combination with a turtleneck top, a bright scarf or a bold neckline.


Buttons instead of zippers

Big catchy buttons, such as the ones from Balmain collection, or, conversely, miniature metal specimens with cool design are one of the popular trends in the jacket design. Spring 2015 offers a wide range of similar products from iconic fashion brands.


Hooded jacket

The hooded jacket, so actual in the new season, will help you hide from the rain or from the insistent gazes.

Hooded jackets


We have to mention here the decrease of the purple-blue jackets passion. One of the favorite is now intense red, bold orange, as well as pastel shades of cacao, rose, mint and vanilla.

Bright colors

Like other spring season, this season will please us with bright intense color jackets. The intense shade of turquoise, orange, fuchsia and canary yellow will delight lovers of catchy styles dresses.

Bright colors


Among a variety of fashionable prints for 2015 spring jackets, the leading are abstract designs, floral patterns and psychedelic compositions.

Print jakets

Printed jackets of Versace, Emilio Pucci, Manish Arora, Just Cavalli, Eudon Choi, Vanessa Bruno

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