Fashionable hair color Spring-Summer 2016

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Hair color Spring 2016

In this review we will try to find the golden mean between fashionable and practical hair color. By reading the below information you will find the answer to the question that many women ask: “How to be stylish and not change yourself?”.

To sort out what should be considered a trendy hair color in 2016 will help professionals of various color studios.

No extreme!

Last seasons, on a par with usual hairstyles, on the podium quite often appeared also extravagant hairstyles. Thus stylists wanted to create most memorable and impressive appearances. “Why to go the salon to make ordinary haircuts or hair coloring in your own hair color?” – wondered hairdressers. Many visitors of the show were conducted by the tricks of the masters and the vagaries of fashion, agreeing to create on their head something unimaginable, forgetting that in the office environment such extreme is unlikely appreciated.

Hair color Summer 2016

Naturalness tendency

In the past warm season, the trendy hair color for spring-summer 2015 has already started to get a natural look, and in this stylists decided to finally approve the position of natural colors and styling. Even gray hair became a real beauty trend in 2016.

Complex shades (natural hair coloring)

Today, professional line of hair care products offer such a diverse palette of shades so that even the most ordinary blond or red can be a real storehouse of related colors, sparkle and shimmer quite magically in the light.

Natural hair color 2016

Of course such effect can not be achieved that is why stylists once again advice to not save money on own beauty and health (you never know how your hair will be after applying an unprofessional hair color product) but to go in a beauty saloon for new experiences. There your hair will receive a special care and an individual attention.

Modern hair care products allow to not only protect the hair structure, affected during the hair coloring process, but also to refine it: strengthen the roots and get rid off split ends.


If you decided to become a blonde, then make sure that the hair shone warm honey, caramel or wheat shades. No need for silver or platinum curls!

Blond hair color Summer 2016

Brunettes and brown-haired

Dark hair, like light hair, should not have cool shades. Forget about black with a tinge of blue or purple, just a warm chestnut tone!

Brunettes Hairstyle


Coloring in ombre style can already be considered a classic technique. Over the past few seasons, this trend has strengthened its position and now it is as important as, for example, one-color coloring. However, if the original ombre was somewhat abrupt and implied different transitions, now it’s a smooth transition from darker color at roots to lighter at the ends(it is also called Sombre).

Ombre Sombre

3D coloring

Those who are not looking for easy ways, or suffer from an insufficient amount of hair, experts suggest paying attention to 3D coloring technique. This implies a change in the original color using a plurality of shades of colors and their application to the hair in accordance with a particular scheme.

3D hair coloring Summer 2016

Of course it is necessary to follow the trends but to do out of this a real hunt for new products it is not ok, especially when it comes to beauty-updates. Hairstyles are individual, so before you decide to change radically your own style it is worth thinking three times: “And if I would be sorry?” An unsuccessful look can be changed in a few minutes, the makeup washed off, but with a cut braid you have nothing to do.

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