Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

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It is necessary to have a good taste and follow all the novelties of the season for that. Instead the ability to properly emphasize your body shape is a great science. Anyway, it is necessary to study a lot of useful literature and listen to the advices of experts. They are those who will suggest how to properly combine the outfits of different styles and eras, to make it look spectacular. Let’s get acquainted with some beauty recipes and find the answer to the main question: „What is fashionable in Fall 2015?”

In Fall colors

Fall always makes us happy with its bright colors. It is associated with tasty fruits, vegetables and a rich harvest… Moreover, there is always a reason to get out and have a picnic. Last warm days inspire us, the mood improves significantly, and we want something new. This is what also happens in the fashion world. . During this period, new trends appear „requiring” to add them in our wardrobe.

Bright colors of Fall 2015 clothing

Puffy skirts

If you are a big fan of puffy skirts, you are lucky! Namely these types of skirts are a fashion trend of the coming Fall. Such outfit will make you feel like a real queen. Designers offer floor length maxi-skirts in black and white colors, as well as patterns with train and a shortened front part. This style is suitable for festive events, adding a special charm and splendor to the look.

Fashionable puffy skirts Fall 2015

Gypsy style

Another „hit” of the coming season is an outfit in gypsy style. Such clothing does not have to be thematic; it will suit any girl who wants to emphasize her „wild” character. Thus, these patterns will be appreciated by the most courageous and extravagant ladies. Long skirts, bright colors and large patterns – all this is a fashion trend of Fall 2015. Try to expose and, possibly, the „gypsy style” will appear among the new things of your wardrobe!

Fall 2015 gypsy outfits

Military style

The direct opposite of the previous look is the military style. The style called „in the war” quickly entered the 2015 fashion trend and gained a considerable popularity. This style will emphasize modesty, pride and inaccessibility of any woman.

2015 fashion trend “in the war”

In the style of the 70’s

The fashion on flare, wide tunics and trapeze shaped jackets returned to us from the distant 70’s. Do not hesitate to wear „grandma” outfits, decorated with geometric patterns and bright stripes. These enjoy a great popularity among fashion trends! Such styles are suitable for more informal and freedom-loving looks.

Fall 2015 fashion in the style of the 70’s


Patchwork is another trend of Fall 2015 fashion. It represents clothes made of swatches combined with knitted elements and bright decor. Now it is the perfect time for those who know to knit and sew – now is the time to show your abilities. Famous designers have presented this season knitted suits and skirts in patchwork style.

Patchwork a fashion trend of Fall 2015

Geometric print in retro style

Everyone’s favorite retro style is again on the runway of world-famous designers. In Fall 2015, such style will surely fill fashion collections of famous brands. The most important detail of the retro style constitutes its individuality and originality. This Fall, the clothes, decorated with rhombs, checks and all sorts of patterns will enjoy a great popularity. The bright color pallette of this style usually impress with its restraint character.

Fall 2015 geometric print in retro style

Gaucho pants

The 70’s brought us many chic and fashionable options of clothes . One such example are the gaucho pants. If we look at the origins of this style, it firstly appeared at the ranchers of Indian Prairies. Today, these are below knee pants with extreme fit. This is the perfect compromise between a skirt and pants. Gaucho pants are perfect for a everyday look and can be combined with a classic jacket or a widish blouse.

Fashionable gaucho pants Fall 2015

Comfort style

The new „fashion changes” are expected in the upcoming Fall season. Designers offer comfort style clothes, a little baggy that look like „inherited from someone” ones. Such style will appear in sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans and jackets of old-fashioned style. And this trend is called „Free style”. At first glance, it is relevant to society civilization and rural motives. Now, this outfit is quite acceptable even for a noble fashionist.

Fashionable comfort style clothing Fall 2015

Combination of blue and brown

If we consider color range of future 2015 cold season, then we should note the combination of brown and blue shades. Models of soft tones create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Perhaps this is due to the association: the gentle color of the sky and the deep brown color of the earth. Therefore, the focus is set on what’s natural and naturalness. Try to „play” with color – it will help you determine the correct palette in your wardrobe.

The color range of Fall 2015 season

Leopard print

The leopard print is coming back again with its „rapacious paws” on the catwalk of famous designers of Fall 2015 fashion. Here you can find the most original solutions in the form of classic straight cut, as well as shocking models for special occasions. Remember, the animal print requires a special attention if combined with other accessories of your wardrobe. The best thing is to wear it with clothes of soft monotone color. When it comes to leopard style coat – you can safely use it for everyday image, emphasizing your taste and style.

Leopard print Fall 2015 fashion

Marsala still in fashion

A particular attention should be paid to the shade called „Marsala”. No wonder it is recognized as „the most fashionable color of 2015”. Such decisions can be found on elegant dresses and sundresses, as well as on business suits and outerwear. Marsala will emphasize the restraint and harmony of your image.

Marsala - the most fashionable color of Fall 2015 season

Knitwear in beige tones

It is hard to imagine the coming Fall fashion season without clothes of fine knitwear. This year, it is represented in beige palette that emphasizes softness and naturalness of the image. Such outfit perfectly fits the everyday wardrobe. Do not forget to dilute your image with decorations in the form of jewelry or a beautiful belt – it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Fashionable knitwear Fall 2015 season

Prints on black

Continuing the trend of the gypsy motifs, designers advice wearing this season bright floral prints on a black canvas. Chiffon dresses, blouses and even business suits look great in such a combination. Floral drawing will „revive” any clothing from your wardrobe.

Bright floral prints on black canvas Fall 2015

Well, we got acquainted with the main fashion trends of Fall 2015 season. As you can see, these are quite contradictory. And the saying „ A good beginning makes a good ending” has already lost its meaning. After all, the most expensive outfit could be in the form of gypsy- accessories or “comfort style” outfit. Therefore, do not stop at one thing, pick new styles and experiment and the wide range of fashion clothes of the coming Fall 2015 season will help you in that.

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