What to wear with over the knee boots

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Over the knee boots are a leader in the list of fashion trends several consecutive seasons, but now there are some girls who are afraid to wear them for the fear to not resemble “uneducated” ladies. Despite the strong reputation they have, “vulgar” over the knee boots are actually very democratic and harmonizes with many clothing.

There are not so many real interdictions, but if we analyze objectively, then there is only one – do not wear such boots with provocative outfits. Over the knee boots combine best with oversize clothing and easy fit clothing. The optimal length of boots is a few centimeters above the knee. Excessively long models limit the choice of clothing, but these will probably make you look amazing.

All over the knee boots designs, especially those without heels, look best on tall ladies. If you are not in this category, but you have the correct proportions of the body, then you can wear such boots. It is important to choose the most optimal design (which are many), from which you can easily match the right clothes.

Choosing Over the Knee Boots

There are much more over the knee boots designs than you can imagine: tight leg, loose with crease, with or without heel, with rounded, square or pointed toe, with zipper, on the laces or without lining, of leather, suede or cloth, both in classic shades, and in any shade.

Over the knee patent leather boots look good only on catwalks being simply inappropriate to be worn on the streets.

Rarely, but still can be found platform designs. This is part of glam-rock style and must be worn with unusual clothing: ripped skinny jeans, lightweight dresses and leather jackets.

Outfits with over the knee boots

What to wear with heelless over the knee boots

Heelless or low-heeled over the knee boots visually shortens the feet, so they look ideal on tall ladies. A perfect combination is matching them with wool or knit dresses and skirts, leggings, skinny jeans. Over the knee boots without heels can be worn with casual clothes: jeans, sweaters, shirts, cardigans, etc.

Over the knee bots and the sweater dress

We recommend that the dress is executed in warm color range, without prints: brown, gray, white, cream, black. Woven clothes harmonize well with suede footwear. Moreover, if the knee boots are loose or wrinkled, the upper part must be tight fitted. Conversely, if the boots are narrow, the dress must be wide. The use of a belt or a ribbon in a shade with boots is also allowable. Over the knee boots matched with dresses must be necessarily worn with thick tights necessarily in the same color as the footwear.

with sweater dress

Over the knee boots and Mini skirts

Long boots without heels harmonizes with easy fit miniskirts: sun skirts, trapeze, tulip, flared, etc. In winter, over the knee boots can be worn with knitted, woolen or tweed skirts, and spring and fall, denim skirts. A turtleneck is ideal for this purpose, a waist blouse or a shirt, plus a short vest. Also, over the knee boots without heels can be worn with a pair of dense cotton shorts.

with mini skirt

Over the knee boots and Jeans

The only jeans design tat can be worn with over the knee boots are the skinny jeans. Avoid straight models, especially the boyfriends and baggy jeans. Jeans look ideal is with heelles boots. In this case, the top must have a loose cut: a loose blouse, sweater or ann oversized sweater.

with jeans

Over the knee boots and Leggings

If your legs are well shaped, we recommend without hesitation to wear over the knee boots with leggings or Jeggings. Top must be quite long and cardigans, coats, long sweaters and sweater-dresses are perfect for this purpose. The waistline can be accentuated with a belt.

with tights

But do not forget the rule: if the bottom is tight fitting, then the top must always be wide.

Over the knee boots and Boho style

Over the knee boots, preferably those in suede, suits clothes in bohemian style. To create a boho chic look, choose a casual dress of silk printed with flowers or ethnic emphasizing the waist. Do not forget about big accessories and jewelery, stylized in antique style: bracelets, scarves, brooches, bandanas etc.

How to wear over the knee boots

Over the knee boots and Outerwear

Long heelless over the knee boots look great with military-style coats, short leather or suede jackets and fur of any length, except models to the ground. Leather over the knee boots harmonizes ideally with jackets, coats and trenchcoats, the suede options – with long and fur coats.


What to wear with heeled over the knee boots

The main advantage of over the knee boots with heels is that they can be worn even by petite ladies. Just as in their case, they must be not very high, but designs with knee length or slightly above. Heeled over the knee boots harmonizes with simple cut dresses, midi skirts, oversize sweaters and cardigans.

It is important to respect the general rule: the more voluminous is the top, the more fitted must be the bottom, and vice versa. That means, short sweaters must be worn with over the knee boots sitting tight on leg and molded dresses will look ideal in combination with wide leg boots.

Over the knee boots and Dresses

Dress hem can easily cover the top of boots or may be a little higher, not shorter. If you dare to wear over the knee boots with heels and a mini dress, it must necessarily be a simple one and have sleeves. Opt for a dress in wool, tweed, knit or other dense fabrics. If the tights are visible, then opt for thick tights and a darker shade.

Over the knee boots matched with dress

Over the knee boots and Cardigans

A long sweater or cardigan will look as good as a dress. Opt for leggings in dark shades or thick tights and boots in the same color, if of the course the length allows. Jeans and over the knee boots with high heels are not just the best option, but is not prohibited.


Over the knee boots and Skirts

A very short or very long skirt is not a right combination. Opt instead for midi length that will a little cover the top of the boots or be a little above it. A shaped skirts, trapeze and flared designs are the ideal option. They can also be long, but with a cleft. To create an office look, opt for easy fit pencil skirts. Very voluminous skirts are not exactly ideal in this case.


Over the knee boots matched with high-waisted skirt will visually elongate the legs.

Multiple layers

The perfect combination is tight fit bottom and voluminous top. This effect can be achieved if over knee boots are worn in combination with a sweater or a dress with short sleeves, a cardigan dressed over a turtleneck. Blouse or shirt will look great in combination with a V collar sweater. The main rule for the creation of multilayered look are clothes that are perfect complementing in terms of color, material and style. For example, a knitted garment will be matched with thin wool clothes. We also recommend warm faded shades.


Heeled over the knee boots and Outerwear

Virtually any outerwears match over the knee boots. Those from smooth leather can be worn with capes, coats, waisted and oversize trench coats, coats made of fluffy and soft fur. Suede Over the knee boots look ideal in combination with suede jackets, coats, cashmere coats. Do not wear in one outfit suede and smooth leather articles.


The only garments over the knee boots can not be worn with are downy jackets. We recommend that you wear them with different kind of footwear. The hem can cover the top of boots or may be above it, but no more than 10 cm and not necessarily cover the bottom layer of the coat.

How to wear over the knee stocking boots

We should mention from the start that stocking boots can be worn only by girls with perfect shaped legs. Such footwear emphasizes feet, exposing all the advantages and disadvantages. Over the knee stocking boots have usually a longer length and can be heeled or with platform soles.


In general, the rules to be followed when such over the knee boots my match clothes are the same; the only thing that will be taken into account is that they must not be worn with jeans and leggings. Ideal they match with skirts and dresses of any length, starting with mini and ending with midi. Consider that when you stand up, the edges of over the knee boots must be below the hem of skirt or dress, or be a few cm below, not more.

And most importantly, no jeans and leggings, we create feminine looks with skirts, capri pants and dresses. Over the knee stocking boots are not suitable in office looks either.

Clothes and footwear must be matched by color and style. Over the knee boots in bright colors will not be worn with clothes in “garish” shades, the top must be neutral.

Do not forget about accessories: gloves, scarves, bags and even glasses. You will never go wrong if you choose outerwear in a shade with over the knee boots, and using accessories you will diversify a monotony outfit.


  • Over the knee boots shall not be worn in combination with too simple clothes in feminine or casual style. Deep necklines, bare back and other seductive elements are prohibited.
  • We recommend you to choose tights in the same shade as shoes and sufficiently thick. We do not recommend wearing mesh tights.
  • Opt for designs made of suede, smooth leather or textile (if these are stocking boots). Patent leather over the knee boots look too strident.
  • Over the knee boots match only with leggings and skinny jeans. Classical pants and other jeans designs are not appropriate.
  • Over the knee boots + shorts are not exactly the perfect combination. But if you like it, choose high-waisted and easy fit designs and necessarily in warm fabrics: wool, tweed, knit.
  • Opt for brown, black and gray. Boots in bright shades of red, burgundy, blue can be worn only with clothes in warm and faded shades.
  • The boots should not sit very tight on foot, nor too wide.

Now you surely understood that in reality, over the knee boots are some very democratic and universal enough articles. They can turn a casual look into a more interesting and can alleviate an obvious glamour. And most importantly, over the knee boots can not be compared with any other type of footwear after the hard impression they make on people around.

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