Valentino released zodiac handbags

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Yesterday we enjoyed a fabulous video by Valentino, and today from the fashion house we have another fresh information – a new collection of roomy handbags. The most interesting thing about it is that in order to choose “yours” you can not do that only by its color, as it happens most often when it comes to the specific model, but by the zodiac sign.

Valentino Zodiakos handbag

Each handbag from the Zodiakos collection is made of soft leather and decorated with a trinket, corresponding to a particular zodiac sign. By the way, the colors were also not as simple as it might seem: mint, pale blue, red and brown symbolize the four elements – water, air, fire and earth. We remind you that the line of zodiac bags became the third head of  Valentino astrological history: before, they released pendants and clutches with zodiac signs.

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