Sincere fashion tips for plus size women

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The tips for plus size women is often limited to the precepts on “horizontal stripes are make you fat” and “black color slender.” We will not argue and prove that it is not, but we’ll focus on more detailed recommendations on the selection of clothes for plus size women that once again prove us that properly placed accents can make any shape harmonious, regardless of its parameters.

Do not allow “baggy” clothes in the waist area

Rule No. 1 – always pay attention on how you put the accents on your waist area.

Fashion tips for plus size women

Plus size women must avoid any voluminous appearance on the waist -whether it is a crop-top, a loose fit t-shirt or a cocoon dress – none of these are appropriate for plus size. Use appropriate fit of clothes or additional accessories in order to create a hourglass effect for example with a slim fit silhouette or a wide belt on the waist.

Plus sized women put the accents on waist area

Don’t be lazy to find jeans suitable for your body

Plus size women very often ignore wearing jeans because they find difficult to choose the right pair, including because of the immense variety of designs, designed for low height and slender long legs.

Jeans for petite

The standard design, advised for owners of plus size figure is the high waist jeans flared from the knee. Another design that should take note closer to spring, when instead of short boots will be used ankle boots – cropped skinny jeans 7/8 length, ending at the ankle.

Full figured jeans style

Do not forget to choose tight denim as it will help make a smooth and crisp silhouette.

Invest in good underwear

Always be sure that the underwear matched exactly your shape, does not cause discomfort and does not represent your figure in a negative light.

Slimming underwear

With a huge variety of slimming underwear, you can achieve stunning effects and stop, finally, to be afraid to wear tight dresses that emphasize your figure.

Good underwear

Wear maxi more often

A medium length skirt or dress with a slight flare from waist is a true win-win for full figured woman, but not the only one! The long moderately narrowed skirts or dresses have a magical property of elongating the figure, make you visually slimmer and add invisible extra inches in height.

Fashion tips for overweight

The effect can be enhanced with medium-sized drawings, lightweight fabrics and a belt just above the waist.

Petite women in maxi

Avoid giant bulky bags

Accessories play a vital role in the look and you must not underestimate them. A bag with an impressive size, especially when you have a full figure and low height, will distort the silhouette created harmonious with the help of clothes. Your choice, which will not allow breaking the proportions of plus size figure, would be a bag of fine leather of A4 size, in the form of a small shopper bag or a messenger bag with strict geometric shapes.

Bag for Full-Figured Women

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