Nina Ricci’s granddaughter sentenced to prison

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Arlette Ricci, the 73-year-old granddaughter of Nina Ricci and the heiress of the fashion empire Nina Ricci, received a prison sentence for tax evasion. Decision of the Paris Court states that Arlette hid 22 million euros in Swiss bank via an offshore company. All this led to a year’s imprisonment and a fine of 1 million euros, and in addition, the confiscation of property in the amount of 4 million euros.

Nina Ricci's granddaughter prison

We have not forgotten the general story of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, related to taxes, which lasted seven years. As a result, the designers were acquitted, but, as they themselves admitted, nerves and money during this time was spent enough. However, Domenico and Stefano never recognized their “crime.” Against Arlette Ricci stands an audio telephone conversation with her daughter, where she says that is fully aware of her guilt.

Now Arlette lawyers are trying to appeal to compel the court to commute the sentence, replacing it with house arrest and a special electronic bracelet.

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