Marc Jacobs opinion about Kanye West as designer

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Kanye West’s designer experience caused contradictory feelings among the representatives of the fashion community. In a recent interview, Marc Jacobs expressed his opinion about Kanye, whose competence does not arise questions from our side. It emerged that Jacobs was that person who opened the gates in the world of fashion to West, he was the one who allowed the musician to create a sneakers capsule collection for Louis Vuitton back in 2009.

Marc Jacobs Kanye West designer

“Kanye called me on the telephone, because he wanted to talk about Murakami, the artist. He was a huge enthusiast, and he knew I’d worked with Murakami on a Vuitton collaboration, in 2002. Well, our conversation about Murakami turned into a conversation about many other things, and it lasted for hours. We really got along, and it was a really fascinating conversation. Eventually, we began talking about sneakers, and that’s how his partnership with Vuitton happened,” tells the designer.

The next journalist’s question was pretty unexpected: “And now you’ve created a monster?” and Jacobs replied: “No, I wouldn’t say that at all! Kanye is so intelligent, so creative, and so driven. Even [now] with his success, he still reads constantly, he studies art and fashion constantly. He has passion. He is always dedicated to his work, creatively. And I really like him.”

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