Lace Dresses Fall-Winter 2015-2016

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Lace dresses were, are and will be the most fashionable, most stylish and most romantic garments of a woman’s wardrobe. Each year, designers indulge us with new lace dresses designs, decorative elements and original cut. Let’s see what lace dresses will be in style this fall-winter 2015-2016 season.

Looking at fashion runways, we easily see that this season designers have chosen extreme tactics. We can see patterns of lace dresses that are distinguished by a special severity and quite indiscreet translucent dresses. Or luxurious lace evening dresses and, decorated with metallic embroidery and stones, lightweight lace dresses, matched with a casual coat and a pair of shoes in rock style. Conclusion: lace dresses will become accessories not only for fashionable parties, but also for urban streets.

Lace Dresses 2015 2016

Lace dresses – What type of lace to choose

This season, designers have worked perfectly on lace décor. Simple vegetal drawings could still be seen on catwalks, but they certainly are giving positions. On top are bulky complicated ornaments. Lace mesh with embroidered flowers, combination of twisted embroidery, light fine lace combined with voluminous embroidery. Very actual this season will be also the combination of different drawings with fabrics, e.g. sailor mesh with romantic flowers, fine openwork with brocade fabric, translucent spider threads with sexy silk. In addition, fashionable will also be embroidered items, both abstract and vegetal.

Lace Dresses Fall 2015 Winter 2016 type of lace


Lace dresses designs amaze our imagination. We see schoolgirl type dresses with fluffy hems and knitted collars, vintage floor length dresses with wide sleeves and laced collar – standing collar, easy fit, fluffy or on the waist. In a word, designs for all occasions and for every mood.

Lace Dresses designs 2015 2016 Fall Winter

According to stylists, in fashion will be lace dresses with fancy cutouts – be it one spicy in the hem area, which discreetly bares the leg, a playful naked shoulder, in the back, a sexy neckline. The decision is yours, just remember to bare one area only. Yes, and let us tell you something about sexuality – fashionable are also translucent lace dresses, especially in combination with fabrics.

Lace Dresses Fashion Fall Winter 2015 2016


We recommend you this season to choose dresses in pastel and classic colors. In fashion is beige, sand, milky, coffee with milk, and from the classic colors – black, white and bright red. Particularly interesting look lace dresses designs executed in black and white contrast. And if you want to opt for a red lace dress, then you may choose a thicker lace, which will give it a special charm and elegance.

Lace Dresses Fall Winter 2015 2016 color

How to wear

This season is very fashionable the combination of romantic lace with heavy and brutal clothing – studded boots, boots with thick soles, high knee boots with laces or boots with flat sole soles. The outfit can be completed with a leather biker jacket, a short leather jacket or a denim vest or a plaid trench coat. If casual is not acceptable to you, opt for eternal classic – elegant high heels shoes, a small handbag and an easy fit trench coat in pastel shades that will help you create a complete and harmonious look.

Lace Dresses Fall Winter 2015 2016 in style

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