Jeans Spring-Summer 2017

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Nowadays, feminine clothes are no longer only dresses and skirts. Fashionable jeans in 2017 spring-summer season may look really feminine, if, of course, you’re not fan of everything in masculine style. But even to those who love the bold grunge and casual, designers have prepared enough interesting patterns of jeans.

We must mention that the super low waist is no longer actual, now jeans should sit on the waist or just below. As for design, the fashion denim continues the evolution of trends from previous seasons, meaning oversize and flared jeans of the 90’s, cuffs, various abrasions and torn edges are currently in high demand, while ultra skinny jeans virtually disappeared from the current fashion.

Cuffed Jeans

Short and clear said many designers. Therefore, this season, jeans are either cuffed or cut. Using cuffs can be modified the length of jeans, making one and the same pair a part of different looks. Cuffs look ideal on jeans with straight cut and boyfriend jeans and designs with holes. Cuffs shouldn’t be present on skinny jeans or flared designs.

Cuffed jeans spring summer 2017

Tight-fitting jeans will be slightly cuffed and straight cut designs necessarily have to have thick cuffs, while boyfriend jeans will look great with thick cuffs in several layers.

Womens jeans 2017

Straight Cut Jeans

It is time to forget the low waist jeans that have dominated the past decade. In spring-summer 2017 season straight and loose classic designs with medium or high waist, is what you need. They will hide the extra pounds and look much more interesting than skinny options. However, despite high waist actuality, there are also low waist designs.

Straight jeans 2017 spring summer

Classics, both standard length and short length, style grunge or renowned mom-jeans, no matter how your jeans will look, but certainly a model of this kind must be present in your wardrobe.

straight with high waist

Oversize Jeans

The oversize theme does not let designers alone, and from the top, they “migrated” down. Loose culottes, baggy jeans, boyfriend jeans and denim palazzo have virtually eliminated skinny jeans from the list of spring-summer 2017 season fashion trends.

Oversize jeans designs

Wide leg jeans can have both standard and short length and even floor length, completely covering the heel. If skinny jeans can be worn only by girls with flawless body, very large designs fit absolutely everyone; this is the advantage of oversize pants.

torn oversize fashion

Flared Jeans

Designers have made everyone understand that in spring-summer 2017 season jeans will not be tight. Thus, on par with straight cut and wide leg designs, flared jeans have become another theme of fashion shows. If some designers have relied on excess of fabric, others have experimented with decoration, embroidery and other decorative elements.

Womens Jeans 2017 flared

The length of flared jeans can be absolutely different: from maxi options, to designs trimmed with fringes on the sides. The only rule is that the flare must begin from thighs area. In addition, modern fashion tells that jeans need to have a medium or a high waist.

flared boyfriends

Skinny Jeans

Although such designs are disappearing from the horizon of fashion, skinny pants did not leave altogether. In spring-summer 2017 season they are not present in traditional blue and denim blue, but colorful designs and décor with contrast inserts, differing by color and material.

skinny in style 2017

Also fashionable are unusual textures and jeans with shiny surface that looks no less festive than evening gowns.

What jeans to wear in 2017

Denim Total Look

Another fashion rule it is time to forget about is the one that says not to blend denim with denim. Designers urge us for some time to wear denim from head to toe, in the direct sense of the word. Total denim looks urges us to wear Alexander Wang, Moschino, Philipp Plein, Fausto Puglisi, Philosophy and many other brands.

What jeans to wear summer 2017

Overalls look absolutely incredible on young ladies whatever body shape they have. The cut can be absolutely different: visible or slightly flared at the bottom, both straight and slightly narrow at the bottom, or simply no size.

Denim looks

This season you should not be afraid of the denim amount you’re wearing. The only rule is to not combine different colored denim. Forget about the traditional mix of jeans and denim jacket, try to create a total look of a denim skirt and top, sundress and a summer coat.


White Jeans

The white color is always characteristic for summer, and this season it has come to jeans. Diesel Black Gold, Philipp Plein, Y/Project and many other famous brands opted namely for denim bleaching. Thus, white jeans have become the undisputed hit of the spring-summer 2017 season. And if you want that colorless jeans not look monotonous, designers have completed them with fringes, laces and deep clefts.

White women jeans

At others, white jeans became part of total look outfit, and for some, a part of grunge style, others opting for casual style. We convince us once again that whites are universal and fit perfectly in any look.

white summer designs

Abrasions and Cut Edges

In spring-summer 2017 season every imperfection is celebrated. If the edges are cut, then they must be necessarily unequal, if there are tears, then these have to be large and splinting apart. As you can see, fashionable jeans are not “perfect” at all.

Torn best jeans 2017

Moreover, torn jeans do not need to be part of grunge style. True fashionistas wear them with heels in combination with expensive handbags and accessories.

fashion torn

Grunge style jeans, which seem to be intentionally torn or spray painted, do not have a great record this summer, as it was in previous seasons. Such designs can be found only in Dsquared2 collection.


Combined Denim

Some designers have complemented the usual cut of jeans with unusual details such as contrasting inserts and pockets that are distinguished not only by color but also by material. How to properly combine denim show Roberto Caval, Antonio Marras, Philipp Plein, Off-white.

Jeans Trends 2017

But even here there are some rules: the base color and shade of applications must combine as much as possible with the color of the jeans.

Decorative Elements

In order to have a, original pair of jeans, designers decided to complete them with applications in bright colors, embroidery, fringes, sequins and metal accessories.

Women jeans spring summer 2017: décor

Some designers have decided to revive the patches from the 90’s. Just as they do not cover the holes, as they previously did, but are now a single trend. Stitched on pockets and knees, they look great on any jeans, regardless of designs and style.

light color for summer

The variety of jeans patterns in 2017 spring-summer season give you the freedom to choose what you like. You can combine them with any clothes and you will always be the best. Do not be afraid to repeat even the craziest ideas on the catwalk as the casual fashion is becoming increasingly unusual and very original.

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