How to become an angel: Victoria’s Secret has shown the casting of the models for the show

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On December 8th, will take place the annual Victoria’s Secret show. The “Angels” will walk on the runway demonstrating luxury underwear and suits. On the eve of one of the most anticipated events of the fashion world the organizers posted on YouTube a series of videos dedicated to the organization of the show. One of the series tells the audience about the casting of models. Most of them were refused and girls could not hold back tears. However, the organizers couldn’t either.

Perhaps each model wants to try herself in the role of Victoria’s Secret “angel”. But this honor is awarded only to some of them. The girls who are in a hurry to get to the casting, aren’t worried about the distance. For example, in the December show tried to “break” beauties from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and even from Nepal and Tanzania.

Victoria's Secret casting of the models for the show

From the video released by the organizers we can see that only 44 out of 500 girls had been approved  for the show. Some of them took the refusal adequately, others were unable to hold back the tears. Together with them were crying also judges.

In the video can be seen the model Gigi Hadid. Organizers confirmed her candidacy for the December show. In the show will be also involved a close friend of the girl, one of the sisters of Kardashian family, the model Kendall Jenner.

Victorias Secret model Gigi Hadid casting

But the singer Rihanna, previously announced as the headliner of the show, will not participate. She canceled the performance because of her busyness. She will be replaced by the singer Ellie Goulding.

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