Handbags Spring-Summer 2017

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In 2017 spring-summer season, designers have taken extreme measures in terms of bags’ size. In fashion are very small handbags, as well as huge bags. Standard sizes are not valid in this season, although, they did not lack on catwalks.

Generally, designers took into account universality. In other words, even the most refined bag and clutch can fit in a sport look, while shoppers and huge bags can be worn even with a business suit. Fashion weeks have enjoyed us also with diversity, so it is time to move on to the fashion review.

Huge Handbags

In order to have a good rest in the holiday period, many fashion houses advice fashionistas to rely on huge bags, shopper bags and sack bags. Although, such design may be part of an office look.

Women’s handbags 2017

Balenciaga presented handbags stylized by huge shopper bags. Only those modern patterns remind us of the original ones just by their shape. No checkered print and inexpensive oilcloth cloth. Only quality leather.

What handbags to wear in 2017

Another representative of the huge bags are sack bags. By the shape, they resemble usual bags, but look very modern. Instead of simple zipper or lock, the bag is fitted with a lacing, which has not only a decorative role. With this the volume of the bag can be adjusted, putting in everything you need.

Handbags designs 2017

The most fashionable huge bags are made of quality crocodile leather and are complemented by the legs, locks and accessories.

Women best fashion purse

Small Bags

As for the size, designers soar from one end to another. If some believe that the spring-summer 2017 season the huge bags are the trendiest, others urge us to draw attention to small bags. Such patterns are presented in the shape of mini boxes worn on the chest and small wallets for coins. For more space, such tinny bags can be worn in pairs, one on a short strap, and another on a long strap.

Small bags spring-summer 2017

Wallets worn at the waist from Stella McCartney are also small; they barely fit in a phone and wallet with credit cards.


Half-moon bags from Chloé and trapeze handbags from Fendi are more spacious, but they are not just the right choice for those that are used to carry everything with them. While huge bags are perfect for spring-summer 2017 season.

What purses to wear in 2017

Classic Bags

If you prefer the classic style, in the coming spring we recommend you to choose Céline, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuiton, Miu Miu, Valentino handbags. These brands have managed to present on the background of originality eternal Kelly handbags, tote bags and trapeze bags in absolutely wonderful executions.

Classic bags spring summer 2017

Precise geometric shapes are complemented by a perfect setting: floral applications, rivets and woven handles.

Classic patterns

If your style is minimalist, you will definitely like Hugo Boss accessories. This brand’s handbags were presented in two options: in the neutral brown range and also in bright shades. Their advantage is that they are very spacious, comfortable and practical. One and the same model can be used to 4-5 looks, without looking funny and silly.


Several Bags at a time

Another trend of the spring-summer 2017 season is to wear a set of two or three bags of different sizes. The most common option is the sack bag or classic rectangular handbag in combination with a clutch or a medium sized suitcase. Céline and Dolce & Gabbana show such interesting options.

What handbag to wear in Summer 2017

John Galliano proposes a set that consists of a backpack and a purse, made in the same style and from the same materials. The designer of the brand Tod’s has addressed this issue quite differently, he proposes to wear a few bags, which vary by pattern, color and material.


Tote Bags

If we talk about patterns, the most fashionable in spring-summer 2017 season can be called the tote bags. Almost every designer has included in his collection this bag pattern. The main advantage is that it is very spacious.

Tote bags spring summer 2017

Tote bags from Alexander Wang were highlighted from the multitude of other models by the unusual bracelet shaped handle and bright summer colors.


Hobo Bags

Another popular pattern is the hobo bag. This can be quite large, and due to its rounded corners, it looks very feminine and neat. Such design is very multifunctional: can be worn practically with any outfit.

half moon handbags 2017

Half moon bags do not require excessive decoration. Even the evening designs have very few elements that draw attention, because the shape is what counts.

Handbags 2017 trends

Square Bags

Not too large sized square bags are becoming increasingly popular, and judging by their abundance on the catwalk, in spring-summer 2017 we expect a real boom of these bags. Fortunately, the diversity of bags allows us to choose the designs that we like the most.

Stylish square bags

For example, Dolce & Gabbana proposes not very large square bags made of alligator skin leather and withe, Christian Dior and Chanel evening clutches and Louis Vuitton presents a miniature grandparents ladders.

brand designs


Mediums sized clutches are back again. Renowned brands have been playing with their shape, size and color, but most of all we were impressed by delicate clutches from Michael Kors and Miu Miu with frills and huge petals. Their finesse and originality can not be expressed in words, it seems that models hold true fresh flowers in their hands.

Envelope bags 2017

Issey Miyake gave up the usual forms. “Fashion” means to him “originality”, thus, his clutches have gained quite different shapes. While Mary Katrantzou has relied on unusual materials: plastic, stone, metal.

Clutches 2017

We ate also pleased by the variety of colors of Miu Miu and Chanel bags. The usual rectangular shape of the clutches was trivial if these weren’t executed in juicy summer colors.

stylish clutch

Bags matched with clothes

Designers can not say goodbye to total looks. They were popular throughout the previous year, therefore, the return of printed bags with the same color and texture as the clothes does not surprise anyone.

Women handbags 2017 matched with clothes

This idea was especially exploited by Chanel fashion house. After its successful collection for autumn and winter, created based on the total look, the designer decided to implement the same methods in the collections for spring-summer 2017 season.

Chanel bag

Bags that mimic the clothes of its owner were also widely presented in the fashion shows by Stella McCartney and Fendi. Designers have strived to make the bag not only a space for transporting objects, but also an indispensable detail of the look.


Reptile Skin Handbags

When normal leather ceases to please designers, they turn to reptile skin, which is more expensive and most original. Snake and crocodile skin prints are found at Altuzarra, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Louis Vuiton, Miu Miu, Valentino.

Fashion reptile skin bags in 2017

Designers have tried to diversify this trend as much as possible. Thus, instead of the classic shades of gray, black, khaki, they had yellow, blue, burgundy and purple reptile skin bags. Also, combining several textures: mix of leather python, lizard and crocodile is a very popular method of bags creation.

Leather purse 2017

Fringed Handbags

Fringes occupied a leading position in fashion since last season. But in the spring-summer 2017 season they promise to pass completely from clothes to bags. Loyal followers of this trend became Giorgio Armani, Altuzarra, Hermès, Loewe.

bags 2017 fringes

Giorgio Armani and Lanvin showed a line of evening clutches decorated with fringes. Loewe presented an original blend of minimalism and boho chic, decorating bags with geometric shapes and thin fringe.

leather with fringes

Metallic Effect

On par with metallic dresses, skirts and pants, “metallic” accessories are in fashion for some time. Many famous designers have introduced this spring a line of handbags with metallic effect: from casual spacious versions, up to evening clutches and purses on long chain.


Besides classic gold and silver handbags, metal colored accessories, with holographic effect and textured metallic reptile skin imitation are very actual this season.


Unusual Patterns

To unleash imagination, some designers have dropped the usual shapes of handbags. Thus, on catwalks appeared: drum-bags, robot bags, carpet bags and other strange patterns. Such designs will surely please fashionistas who simply loves Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana creations that each season brings something new.

What bags to wear in summer 2017

More usual patterns are presented by the brand Issey Miyake. This recommends over the shoulder bags, which have a very unusual shape.


As you can see, imagination is in fashion. The diversity of patterns, colors, prints and shapes match the mood of the big cities, where every fashionista is individual. So do not be afraid to assert yourself through unusual bags, which in 2017 spring-summer season will be very varied.

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