Gladiator Sandals Spring-Summer 2016

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Gladiator sandals have become a universal type of footwear, namely because in ancient civilizations and at the moment these are the preferred footwear of many modern ladies.

In spring-summer season 2016, gladiators are again among the most popular types of footwear. The myths of ancient Greece, ancient gods and heroes, apparently so abstract and immaterial, come in contact with us as soon as we put on our favorite pair of gladiators.

Perhaps you will feel a real Amazonian warrior, a forest nymph or … We will not enumerate all the characters that will come to mind, let us just analyze new collection of gladiator sandals for Spring-Summer 2016 season.

elegant summer Alberta Ferrett, Vionnet
Women's gladiator sandals Angelo Marani, Salvatore Ferragamo
Gladiator sandals 2016 Alberta Ferretti, Cedric Charlier

Gladiator sandals with laces up near the knees, on flat soles or heeled, will become an alternative of boots and shoes in summer.

Gladiator sandals with laces up to the knee Elisabetta Franchi
5 Temperley London, Julien Macdonald
6 Angelo Marani, Alice Olivia

The first Amazons in gladiators in the early twentieth century, have become of Brigitte Bardot, Diana Vreeland and many other fashionistas.
In the 70’s, gladiator sandals were worn with long skirts, wide pants and tunics.

In the 90’s of the last century, gladiators were worn with any type of clothes and in any style, combining the style of the 60’s, 70’s … etc. Namely the 90’s brought us gladiators and it seems that they are staying here forever. Rags in grunge style, or rigid hand weaving, fringed dresses, leather and other fabrics with unfinished edged – all these can be matched with gladiator sandals.

And indeed, what were wearing the first people on earth in combination with gladiator sandals? Exactly the clothes listed above. But what to wear today, in the 21st century?

Gladiator sandals Summer 2016 Angelo Marani
Black gladiator sandals 2016 Alberta Ferretti

So you can see that gladiator sandal are a universal type shoes, it is important to choose those that fit your look – on flat soles or high heels, tied with lace up to the knee, or only slightly to the ankle.

Opt for clothes you like the most: folds that sits ideal on the body, draped tunic dresses or short pants, capri pants or skirts … Invent the image of a fantastic Amazons, a nymph or a lady from the future …gladiator sandals will suit each of them.

Women’s gladiator sandals spring summer 2016 Temperley London, Alice Olivia
Gladiator sandals spring 2016 Elisabetta Franchi

Gladiators have stepped on the podium directly from Colosseum arena, being constantly improved, modified, and their story continues. Al we have to do is to just invent new stories, feeling wonderful Amazons and goddesses…

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