Gigi Hadid at Maybelline centenary celebration party

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While all the attention goes to the outfits of numerous Cannes Film Festival events, at the other end of the world, in New York, life continues its course in full. Today’s outfit of the day is the most memorable set from Maybelline centenary celebration party.

Undoubtedly, the brightest look of the past event become the outfit of the model Gigi Hadid, who chose a set composed of a skirt, a top and a long coat from Balmain’s Fall collection. Thanks to the combination of short skirt and long coat, the entire outfit looked elegant and sexy. While the vertical stripe on the blazer visually “lengthened” the ideal body of the model, making it look taller and more slender. For this properly calculated seductiveness, Gigi gets from us a solid A grade!

Gigi Hadid in Balmain at Maybelline party

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