Footwear Trends Fall-Winter 2016-2017

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Nothing enjoys a lady more than buying a new pair of footwear. And if it also comply with the fashion trends of the autumn-winter 2016-2017 season, then the owner can be considered really lucky.

Actually, we do not think that a trend like sandals with fur finish will like to be used in everyday life. But, for example, a pair of boots or velvet ankle boots will please many fashionistas, who do not like to wear simple black winter footwear. The fall-winter footwear is comfortable and with the customary charm that we love so much.

Fashion footwear designs

We should say from the beginning that unusual decisions, outside the permissible limits, basically missed entirely. Designers have managed to achieve the balance between comfort and influences of high fashion. Ladies who adore the classic style will be able to find boots with pointed toe and with a stable heel, those who appreciate comfort – loafers and brogues on flat soles, while those ready to shock the others – platform shoes with unusual shapes.

Pointed toe

Footwear with pointed toe can definitely be called the favorite of the season. In autumn and winter of 2016-2017, the classical patterns remained the same, just as they have added some decorative elements that do not attract much attention.

High heeled Fall 2016 footwear

An increasingly bigger popularity gets pointed shoes with flat soles, patterns presented by Emilio Pucci, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Kenzo, Marni. Incredibly comfortable and practical, these options look as stylish as their taller “brothers” and, at the same time, allow an active enough lifestyle.

Designs with pointed toe and flat soles

For some ladies, comfort is what matters when choosing fashionable pair of shoes, and here, given all the attention is definitely give to the height of the heel. Marni and Kenzo decided to facilitate life to the fullest, presenting boots on a small heel or on discreet stiletto heels.

Fall Winter 2016 2017 high boots

Platforms and wedges

Designers advise us not to give up on high heels in fall, but to choose footwear with platform and stable heel or wedges. What other detail can be added to platforms and wedges? Well, this time, McQueen, Balenciaga, Maison Margiela, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang demonstrated once again that their imagination has no limits.

What are the footwear trends in 2017

Designers took into account the wishes of certain categories of fashionistas adding little originality, and sometimes an obvious “freak” presenting very thick platforms with an identical massive heel.

Footwear 2016 2017 Fall Winter with platforms and massive heel

Such footwear is distinguished not only by its unusual design, but also by its stability, raising its owner to 20 cm away from the ground.

High heeled comfortable boots 2016 2017

Military style boots

As a result of the popularity of the grunge and military style in the autumn-winter 2016-2017 season, in collections can be found footwear designs with massive soles, with rivets and bold laces. Although they seem so brutal and on a thin leg stay wide, this type of boots can make you look more feminine, especially if worn with a casual dress or a knitted cardigan.

Footwear for women fall winter 2016 2017

Designers advice all fashionistas in the world to be “naughty girls” and even in autumn-winter period give up on stilettos and wedges, paying attention to high heeled thick soled boots. Such a sole will not only give a rough look, but will make walking on rainy weather to be pleasant and comfortable.

Thick heeled boots

Knee high boots

Maxi outfits invaded the catwalks on all four fashion capitals, and this approach has come also to footwear. Thus, knee high boots and stocking boots have become a trend of the autumn-winter 2016-2017 season. If previously this design was only allowed by the most daring fashionista, then at the moment, designers urges us to be more daring and wear knee high boots even at work.

Black knee high boots 2017

Basic materials

Besides the classic leather and suede, among the most popular materials used to create footwear could be mentioned patent leather, velvet, flexible plastic and patterns imitating the reptile skin.

Reptile skin

Reptile leather boots and high boots are present in Givenchy, Christian Dior, Dries Van Noten, Saint Laurent collections. Not only top of the footwear got the reptile color, but its heel, which makes the shoes look more modern and unusual.

Reptile leather boots

If Givenchy, Erdem, Chloé chose shades characteristic to reptiles, then in Saint Laurent and Roberto Cavalli collections can be found boots in shades of golden with faux reptile print.

What footwear to wear in Fall 2016

Transparent footwear

Usually, transparent materials are used in summer footwear, when we want so much to bare our feet. But fall-winter 2016-2017 collections demonstrate that warm footwear can also be transparent if its inner part is made of a thicker material.

Fall 2016 Footwear designs

Patent leather footwear

The technology of execution of this type of leather appeared almost two centuries ago. For the first time, suede shoes was launched in the 40s and only in the 60s, they become a must have of any fashionista. This season, every fashionista who respects herself, must necessarily possess at least a pair of suede leather shoes, boots, loafers, at least this is the opinion all designers have.

Lacquered footwear

Velvet footwear

The 2016-2017 autumn-winter season introduces the velvet footwear trend. Although this material is difficult to care for, it is afraid of mud and rain, it is gaining popularity due to its special texture and intense color. Thus, velvet texture became the basis of the new season not only on clothing, but also on footwear.

Footwear 2017 trends

Fashion colors and prints

A great popularity will have the footwear that will attract attention through its color and print. So, the main colors and prints of the season became…

Metallic shades

We do not doubt that metallic shades remain fashionable in this period as well. But unlike the previous season, the precious metals will now melt in the hands of designers, slightly covering the footwear surface.

Fall 2016 festive footwear

The aluminum foil or metal effect, metallic fabrics with “crocodile skin” texture like velvet, has become the most fashionable texture in the autumn-winter season 2016-2017.

Silver boots winter 2016

Animal print

Several seasons, this trend has conquered the hearts of all, but now it will show its full splendor. The color of wild animals covered not just the top of the shoe, but also its heel. Designers have tried to show that this fall we must look “wild”.

Footwear with comfortable heel and animal print

Upholstery print

Upholstery prints have become one of the most important trends of the 2016-2017autumn-winter season. The footwear appearance and fabric texture completely imitate the expensive upholstery and prints from the upholstery furniture.

Elegant footwear with fashion print

Décor elements

In this chapter, democracy feels like home, too. Every fashionista will find what she likes. For example, Dolce & amp; Gabbana enjoyed the admirers with shoes, decorated with beads and flowers, Alexander McQueen and Alexander Wang with metal details and artificial fur. Therefore, designers have used a lot of décor elements in the 2016-2017 fall-winter season.

Flowered boots

Straps and laces

The most seductive detail of underwear came out on the streets. Now, shoes with laces, which remind us of a corset, became the most important trend of the season.

What footwear to wear in 2017

Numerous straps and clasps, a trick previously used only for practical purposes, this season discretely turned into décor items. Some straps around the ankle, more by the sides, a nice buckle in the middle: all those listed are in fashion this season.
Black leather footwear

Ruffles and frills

Romantic look, decorated with ruffles and frills, ceased to be present only on clothes. Shoes with many ruffles and frills are a hit of the 2016-2017autumn-winter season.

Winter 2017 footwear designs

Fur trimming

Designers do not care about outside weather: the footwear collections for autumn-winter are in the spirit of rebellion summer. Sandals with fur on the outside have become the boldest decision of the season. The idea of these shoes is simple: to rescue the woman of inconveniences of wearing heavy and massive shoes. In other words, it will allow them to rest the legs until the fall has not fully entered in rights.

Evening shoes

It is hard to designate a unique style of footwear for autumn-winter 2016-2017 because designers have often shown common, as well as unusual decisions. The important thing is to have not too dark ot too covered footwear as femininity and various types of decor elements still remains fashionable.

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