Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Trends

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Past are hundreds of fashion shows, where fashion houses presented their vision on how we should dress in the next half year. Now, the question is how to create that perfect look to follow more closely the advice provided by designers.

To help you we’ve selected 10 main trends of the 2016-2017 autumn-winter season. We must mention that all the fashion houses have shown to some extent all well known to us trends. Although, they still managed to create a specific vision of the future fashion.

Trend No. 1 The Velvet

Velvet is the main texture of the 2016-2017 autumn-winter season. If previously the clothes made of this material were designed specifically for evening events, then now, designers urge us to wear velvet not only on ceremonies.

2016 2017 Fall-Winter Fashion Trends: velvet

If somewhere in your closet you have a velvet dress, know that you really need to take it out. The thick and soft material is simply ideal for cold weather.

Trend No. 2 Oversize jackets

All those who hate the cold weather can breathe quietly because from now on, puff jackets oversize jackets and bomber jackets are extremely popular. Now, a down jacket is not simply a mandatory winter coat, but a fashion trend and a perfect replacement of a fur coat. Only that in the 2016-2017 autumn-winter season, it must necessarily be voluminous.

Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion trends: oversize clothes

A dawn jacket can be worn even as a coat matching it with a silk dress and heels.

Trend No. 3 Vinyl

Along with this trend are the patent leather and latex. It is not mandatory to wear the costume of Superman’s girlfriend, is enough to diversify your wardrobe with a coat or a blazer. Like velvet, designers classified the seductive and spectacular vinyl as a key trend.

Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion trends: vinil

Trend No. 4 Frills and Ruffles

A romantic outfit, framed with frills and all sorts of similar stuff, has ceased to be exploited only in spring-summer season. Blouses, dresses, skirts and trousers decorated with a cascade of frills can be worn in 2016-2017 autumn-winter season.

Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion trends: frills
Moreover, if earlier, designers considered that an outfit that has various frills and jabots has to be worn with a simple pair of shoes and accessories, then now, this rule may be overridden.

Trend No. 5 Furniture Prints

Some designers advice to wear clothes that mimic the prints and textures of interior walls or furnishings. In couturier collections, these prints look just like those on expensive tapestries and furniture.

Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion trends: Furniture prints

Trend No. 6 Gothic Style

Using all the finesse and simplicity as source of inspiration, fashion designers have decided again to pass on the “dark side”. Gothic is the new philosophy of the 2016-2017 autumn-winter season.

Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion trends: gothic style

Goths, rockers and other passionate of “death” are jumping up for joy and designers demonstrate total black looks, decorating them with laces, chains, sharp items and bleak embroidery.

Trend No. 7 Grunge Style

Until the appearance of the grunge style, everything was predictable: a tight shirt must be worn with stilettos, a leather jacket must be worn only with leather pants or jeans, if applicable, and a silk dress must be worn only at a party. Designers urge us forget this rule and to try to combine what can not be combined.

Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion trends: grunge style

In 2016-2017 autumn-winter season, all the grunge style elements are visible: torn jeans worn with classic waist blazers and dress to the ground with a leather jacket and boots in masculine style.

Trend No. 8 Animal Prints

This trend is on the rise for several seasons but now will show in its entire splendour. Shoes, coats, jackets, dresses, skirts and jackets – designers have made everything possible for you to look like a predator animal.

Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion trends: animal prints

Trend No. 9 Fur

We have already managed to get used to neon colors and fur clothes in mottled shades but this time, fashion designers have implemented all the humour supplied in relating to the most expensive clothing items.

Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion trends: fur

Some have created fur coats from fur squares of different colors, but with the same length, others used all the pieces of fur found, and those who seemed like colored geometry and multicolored fur is too little, have created a series of fur clothes with bright drawings.

Trend No. 10 Fuchsia

The main novelty for romantic ladies is that pink color remains on top. But if in the spring-summer season it was with undertones of peach, then in winter, it is presented as succulent fuchsia color. Shocking pink looks perfect on dresses, as well as on outerwear, right?

Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion trends: fuchsia

Now you know what are the main trends of 2016-2017 autumn-winter season to look stylish even in winter. It is important to use them accordingly, choosing just the ones that fit you.

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